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High Tech Cattle Management- UP Govt assigned 12-Digit unique identification numbers for Cows & Buffaloes


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In a big movement towards the welfare of the cattle population of the state, the Uttar Pradesh Government has initiated a program to tag them with a Unique 12-Digit identification number. It will work just like the Aadhar system of Central Government, where every citizen has been tagged with a unique number and biometric identification, which is used in major government transactions for several welfare schemes.

This program is a part of the Central Government’s initiative to replicate the Aadhar kind f identification system for the cattle population. By tagging the cows and buffaloes, the government wants to keep the records of cattle, streamline their tracking of cattle and stay on top of dairy production, cattle management, and animal vaccination

This identification tag is affixed inside the ears of the cattle. The identification technicians use Tablets to update the Tag number and other information on an online Cattle database. This is a centralized database, which provided the cattle owner with an “animal health card” to help them track all the vital information about the cattle. It contains every detail from the owner’s information, breeding to deworming, along with cattle’s health information.

Till now, more than 10 lakh Cows and Buffaloes have been tagged in Lucknow, and it will cover millions of cattle in the coming months. This is indeed a step in the right direction, and it will help our government to manage the cattle population in a better way.


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