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HBO India attacks Hindu Faith; Got massive hammering from Hindus

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It has been observed that Media and OTT platforms are trying their best to spread Hinduphobia and doing everything to demean Hinduism. Continuing their hatred against Hindus, now the HBO India has done something, which could be called as an attack over Hindu faith.

HBO India revealed the poster of Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep”, which is all set to premiere on October 31 at 9 PM as a Halloween treat for movie buffs.

“Doctor Sleep” is based on Stephen King’s 2013 novel of the same name, which is a sequel to King’s 1977 novel “The Shining”. “Doctor Sleep”, set several decades after the events of “The Shining”, combines elements of the 1977 novel and its 1980 film adaptation of the same name, directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Well, we have nothing against Stephen King’s novel, but what really hurt is the way it has been put through. HBO India posed a question on Twitter which read, “From Aghori Babas to Brahma Kumaris, which Indian cult sends a chill down your spine?”

This is definitely an insult to the Hindu faith and Aghoris and Brahma Kumaris. As expected, Hindus started hammering HBO India for its “Hinduphobic” take.

Here are some more reactions.

People were up against HBO for its demeaning behavior, it is clear that HBO has no guts to name and shame the ‘Cult’ which is indeed making life worse for all because they don’t want to end up like Samuel Paty.

These channels and OTT platforms have literally gone mad with Hinduphobia. They never question other religions, because they know there will be a massive backlash. They know that Hindus are soft targets, and that’s why they employ such tactics every time. But Hindus have started retaliating now, and we are pretty much sure that this pattern will change soon.

For now, HBO India has deleted this shameful tweet after receiving massive backlash from Hindus.

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