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Hathras: A deeper conspiracy by Congress and propagandist media to destabilise Yogi government at the cost of burning UP by creating communal riots?


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When brother sister duo Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra with their convoy were stopped at Yamuna Expressway on his way to Hathras on 1 Oct afternoon, they had almost weaved a narrative of Uttar Pradesh, being the most lawless state, where a 19 years old was allegedly gang raped by higher caste accused with her tongue chopped off, her neck bone and back bone also broken. 

What a perfect strategy it was to evoke outrage among masses! Gandhi and Vadra siblings with their entourage—which comprised camera men and media persons—marched towards Hathras despite knowing that section 144 had been imposed in the area due to concerns of caste violence instigated by political parties. And borders had been sealed to maintain the law and order. Quite expectedly, when their cavalcade was stopped on the Yamuna Expressway the moment they entered UP, they smiled to each other they had almost damaged the image of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who is known for his no nonsense strict administration skill.

Then, an audio clip of the telephonic conversations between India Today journalist, Tanushree Pandey and the victim’s brother Sandeep surfaced after Rahul Gandhi staged a fall on the ground. In the alleged audio clip—which lasted for 16 minutes—India Today journalist Tanushree continued to insist, coax and compel deceased’s brother to send his father’s video. The whole objective of the conversation is to bring Sandeep’s father on record claiming that he was pressurised to give a statement that he was satisfied with the investigations into the matter so far.

Another video clip—in which the victim doesn’t even mention once that she was raped—surfaces. Gradually, another video of victim’s mother came up, when she was alive. The victim’s mother doesn’t even mention once she was raped. 

Opposition is meant for constructive criticism. Unfortunately, Congress didn’t hesitate to be destructive force. What is opposition trying to destroy in Uttar Pradesh? Congress Party is attempting to ruin quality, CM Yogi Adityanath has added in common people’s lives. 

  • Just after assuming the office of Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, made sure 22-24 hours electricity supply in cities and 16-20 hours electricity supply in rural areas in Uttar Pradesh, which was badly affected due to power cuts during previous government. 
  • But, dilapidated system didn’t support this goal to achieve. Within a year Yogi government fixed the loopholes in systems to supply 24 hours uncut power supply in a city like Gorakhpur. 
  • In a village like Golabazar area 64 kilometer interior to main city is provided 22-24 hours in a day. 
  • Regarding cleanliness drastic positive changes has taken place. Yogi government is diligently working on clean Ganga project. 
  • Near Kanpur city, the tanneries—where animal skin made into leather—are either closed or moved out city. Strict regulations are followed when it comes to waste management. 
  • Quality of roads in entire UP specially in rural areas has improved a lot.
  • Gundaraj has almost come to an end. All the history sheeter are either eliminated or behind the bars. Their illegal properties are destroyed. Crime rate has gone down. 
  • Investment by companies started pouring in. It would yield the result in a year or two. 
  • E-service for getting birth/death certificate, registration of properties, income certificate or caste certificate has become online and corruption free. The response time is within a week. 
  • Yogi government has expanded Metro Rail work, which was very limited during Akhilesh government.

Success story in UP is endless after Yogi Adityanath came to power. Uttar Pradesh,—earlier from being a BIMARU state with Gundaraj moving to a developed and prosperous state—has rattled the opposition parties. Unfortunate incident of Hathras gave their political career in ICU much needed oxygen. 

But, why did media join hands with Congress to malign a performing government with an aim to topple it undemocratically by instigating communal riots? Did journalist like Tanushree Pandey ever realise her conspiracy can trigger riot and blood bath on the street of villages to which the victim belong to? 

Media is said to be fourth pillar of democracy. Instead of being watchdog, they are chewing and biting the bone themselves. Truth unloads the burden on conscience. They, too, must have watched these videos, since they are within reach of common citizens. But, in Hathras case, the heavily corrupted media isn’t letting the bone go. 

CM Yogi Adityanath has recommended CBI probe into Hathras case. After competing probe of Hathras case, CBI must investigate the role of section of media, which had almost engineered communal riots in Hathras. However, it is welcome step that UP Police has booked a journalist and a politician for sedition, criminal conspiracy and attempt to instigate riots by spreading misinformation on Hathras case.


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