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Haryana Nuh: Madrasa ‘Children’ pelted stones at Hindu women.


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An unsettling incident occurred in the vicinity of Kuan Pujan, where tensions escalated due to reported stone-pelting targeting a group of women by children allegedly from a local madrasa. This incident has prompted an urgent response from law enforcement in Nuh, with Superintendent Narendra Singh Bijarniya urging for calm and promising a thorough investigation.

According to reports, a group of women was en route to Kuan Pujan when they encountered a distressing situation. Allegedly, children from a nearby madrasa engaged in stone-pelting directed at these women, leading to an eruption of tensions between the communities involved. As a result, both groups congregated in the area, leading to a potentially volatile situation.

Superintendent Narendra Singh Bijarniya swiftly intervened, addressing the public and urging for peace and cooperation. He assured the community that the police are actively involved, initiating a full investigation into the matter. Immediate steps were taken by the authorities, including the filing of a First Information Report (FIR) and summoning the accused, including the maulvi of the madrasa, for questioning.

In his statement, Bijarniya emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and harmony during this sensitive time. The police have spoken to the involved parties and facilitated their safe return home. Simultaneously, the authorities are focused on swiftly taking necessary legal actions against the alleged perpetrators.

The Superintendent highlighted the commitment of law enforcement to thoroughly investigate the incident, assuring the community that justice will prevail. He urged the populace to refrain from any retaliatory actions and to let the investigation proceed unhindered.


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