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George Soros, a ‘Chaos Agent’ wants to change the India’s Nationalistic Regime, How India can counter his syndicate?


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George Soros has been at the center of a political storm in India over his nefarious comments on the Adani Hindenburg row. Soros urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to respond to questions regarding the turmoil surrounding Gautam Adani’s business empire, which led to investors in India losing over 100 billion.

In a speech ahead of the Munich Security Conference, Soros called PM Modi and Adani close allies. BJP has alleged that the 92-year-old wants to ‘destroy’ Indian democracy and wants some “hand-picked” people to run the government.

Soros said that the Adani crisis, which sparked a stock market selloff and shook investors’ confidence in India, may open door to a democratic revival in the country.

He said, “Modi is silent on the subject, but he will have to answer questions from foreign investors and in parliament”. “This will significantly weaken Modi’s stranglehold on India’s federal government and open the door to push for much-needed institutional reforms. I may be naïve, but I expect a democratic revival in India.”

Soros also went on to say that said Modi “is no democrat”. He said that “inciting violence against Muslims was an important factor in his meteoric rise”. He also pointed out that India buys a lot of Russian oil at a steep discount and makes a lot of money on it.

Billionaire-philanthropist George Soros has faced charges across the world for his alleged role in backing and funding regime changes.

George Soros – A ‘Chaos Agent’

George Soros is a Hungarian-born American financier, philanthropist, and activist who is known for his successful investments, as well as his philanthropic work promoting democracy, transparency, and freedom of speech. He is also the founder of Open Society Foundations, which gives grants to groups and individuals that promote these values.

Soros opened his own hedge fund in 1973, Soros fund management which led him to become one of the most successful investors in US history. From an alleged attempt at ousting Russian President Vladimir Putin to destabilizing the European Union through mass migration, to backing Arab Spring protest groups, George Soros and his Open Society Foundations has been branded as ‘agents of chaos’ by governments and rival groups.

Soros established the Open Society Foundations in 1984 by using parts of his wealth. The Open Society Foundations claims that its team works to “help promote the values of justice, democracy, and human rights” in over 120 countries throughout the world.

Not only that, George Soros has also been singled out as the person who dealt the defining blow and caused the financial crisis in Asia in 1997. He is blamed for shorting the currencies of Thailand and Malaysia that triggered the crisis.

Soros vowed to spend $1 billion to fight Indian nationalism

Soros, in 2020 had pledged $1 billion to fund a new university network to tackle the spread of nationalism and had condemned leaders like Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, and Xi Jinping. During that speech, Soros had targetted PM Modi saying that “the leader is creating a Hindu nationalist state, imposing punitive measures on Kashmir, and threatening to deprive millions of Muslims of their citizenship”.

Soros wants to destabilize India

Soros’s interest in India is long and rumored to be prodded by pro-Pakistan, anti-Russia elements of America’s Deep State. It is clear from his recent proclamations that the spectacular rise of the nation under Narendra Modi and guided by Hindutva troubles him.

Funding and involvement of OSF in anti-CAA and anti-farm laws protests have been reported widely. Salil Shetty, the vice president of OSF India, has walked with Congress scion Rahul Gandhi during the recent Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Indian Government strikes back

In a press conference, Union Minister Smriti Irani accused Soros of targeting the Indian democratic system. She said, “A foreign power at the center of which is a man named George Soros has announced that he will hurt India’s democratic structure. He has announced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be his main target. He has also announced that he will help build a system in India that will protect his interests.”

On the other hand, the External affairs minister S Jaishankar slammed billionaire investor George Soros over his controversial remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s democracy

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Thursday, the 92-year-old Hungarian-American financier had criticised Modi by saying India is a democracy but its leader “is no democrat”. Soros also said he expected the collapse of the stock of Adani Group to lead to a “democratic revival in India”.

Jaishankar told the Sydney conference in Sydney that Soro’s comments reflected a “Euro-Atlantic view” that is out of sync with contemporary realities. “I could take a view that the individual in question, Mr Soros, is an old, rich, opinionated person sitting in New York who still thinks that his views should determine how the entire world works,” he said in response to a question.

“But he is old, rich opinionated and dangerous because what happens is when such people, such views and such organisations – they actually invest resources in shaping narratives,” Jaishankar said, adding globalisation had led to shaping of narratives and foundations using funds to “go about their agenda”.

How Soros will be ineffective in India?

Soros wants to overturn the repeated and resounding verdict of Indian democracy by creating chaos from the streets to the stock markets. His idea of open society is fired by the teachings of his mentor, philosopher Karl Popper, a communist who later turned against all totalitarian instincts and fiercely criticised western philosophical heavyweights from Plato to Hegel and Marx to Freud.

He has made Islamism and Communism, two most authoritarian and violent ideologies, allies in his vision to build a more “open” world. However, he forgot that the new India clashes with his idea of a stateless, chaotic world in which carrion-eaters like him benefit by backing puppet regimes and militias.

He is mistaking a civilizational revival for narrow nationalism and waging a war against an idea which does not exist. He is also up against a leadership core like Modi, Amit Shah, Ajit Doval, and S Jaishankar who do not act under provocation. They have the zero-emotion, even-intellect approach to crisis and solutions, and this is where Soros lost this battle much before it even started.


  1. He is the kind of white collar criminal, only worse than the ISIS type terrorists. If the US can knock off terrorists using drones, isn’t Soros liable to be given such treatment by countries he targets for regime change?


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