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Gandhi Parivar venting out their frustration of losing Amethi; Congress Lackey filing fake FIR’s to malign Smriti Irani


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Lok Sabha Election 2019 was unarguably the most toughest and complex Election we have ever seen. It was a do or die situation for Congress to remain relevant in Indian Politics, at the same time it was a test for PM Modi to fight against all sort of propaganda and incumbency as well, but he excelled and won an unprecedented win with ab absolute majority on his own.

Lok Sabha election 2019 saw many arc rival fighting with each other and many close contests orchestrated which gave sleepless nights to the supporters of both the parties. However, the most sought after contest happened on Amethi seat. This was considered as a ‘Gandhi Bastion’ since many decades. It was considered as a safe seat, and even giving a fight to Gandhi family member seem like a herculean task.

However, BJP’s maverick leader, Smt. Smriti Irani took it as a challenge, she fought really hard in 2014, but lost to Rahul Gandhi, who was the Member of Parliament from Amethi for 2 consecutive terms. Smriti Irani took this challenge, she gave her blood and sweat and hold the fort since her loss in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, Smriti Irani managed to cultivate her popularity over the next five years to dethrone Rahul Gandhi.

Come 2019, she did something which was considered an ‘unimaginable’ feat till that time. Smriti Irani managed to bag the Amethi seat, known as a Gandhi bastion, in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. She managed to defeat Congress chief Rahul Gandhi by 55,120 votes. Smriti Irani managed to rake in 4,68,514 while Rahul Gandhi could only pick up 4,13,394 votes.

This win was so disturbing for Congress, that even before the final result of the Amethi was declared by the Election Commission, Rahul Gandhi had already conceded defeat from the Lok Sabha seat at a press conference in New Delhi. Political circle was hailing Smriti Irani as the person who ended the Gandhi family’s dynastic rule in Amethi, BJP workers and supporters came out on to the streets to celebrate her victory like never before.

As expected, such a massive and humiliating loss didn’t go down well with the Gandhi Family and Vadra Gang. Right from day one, they were after Smriti Irani and have started a nefarious campaign to malign her image in every way possible.

the latest instance is where Congress IT cell is accusing Smriti Irani of taking bribe from an International shooter Vartika Singh.

Congress IT cell members are spreading lies that Mrs. Smriti Irani has been accused by international shooter Vartika Singh of demanding Rs 25 lakh in the name of making her a member of the Central Women’s Commission. It is also stated that Vartika has filed a case in MP-MLA court against Smriti Irani, her personal secretary Vijay Gupta and Dr. Rajneesh Singh. As per them, the hearing of this case will be done on January 2, 2021

International shooter Vartika, who is from the Pratapgarh district, alleges that on the instigation of Smriti Irani, her close friends issued a fake letter for the post of a member of the Central Women’s Commission. First, the international shooter was misled by talking big things, then demanded Rs 25 lakh.

However, when facts were checked, it was found to be another ‘Fake News’ paddled by Gandhi Family’s Lackey to defame Mrs. Smirit Irani. Over and above that, it is learned that the so-called International shooter has actually used forged documents and signatures of Niti Ayog officials. Smriti Irani’s PSO and Niti Ayog has already lodged a complaint against this lady.

On further investigation, we found that the so-called international shooter Vartika Singh is nothing but a close confidante of the Gandhi Family. She can be seen with all the Gandhi Family members. She even provided shooting training to Rehan Vadra.

People on Social media exposed this fakery in just few minutes and slammed the Gandhi Family’s Fake new factory for churning out another fake story to demean a Lady like Smriti Irani.

Here, It is quite clear that this fake news was paddled to malign the name of Mrs. Smriti Irani, who has earned the trust of the public by her massive hard work, not through some inheritance or privilege.

But then, being a public figure comes with challenges, which one has to face day in day out. We know, it’s a tough & courageous choice to take up public life. We support Mrs. Smirit Irani for her courage and ethics, that she hardly counter such fakery from her opponents, she rather slams them down in the arena of elections.



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