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Finally MHA CANCELS FCRA licenses of 13 NGOs to stop the menace of conversion mafia.


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According to a report of Times Of India, Home Ministry has suspended the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act (FCRA ) licenses of 13 NGOs and its associations for allegedly indulging in religious conversion activities in tribal-dominated areas.

13 NGOs, whose FCRA licenses have been suspended, would not be able to receive any foreign funding for ‘religious’ purposes. Bank accounts of these NGOs have also been frozen after intelligence reports revealed that the 13 NGOs were involved in converting locals to Christianity in tribal areas specially in Jharkhand.

Why are missionaries in India so rampant that government has to take action against their illegal conversion by cancelling their FCRA licenses? Would cancelling FCRA licenses stop conversion mafias?

It is our founding fathers who are to be blamed for rampant Christian evangelical organisations in India. Article 25(1) of the indian Constitution says all persons,” not just Indian citizens, but even foreign nationals are equally entitled to the right to profess, practice and propagate religion freely. However, Article 25 (1) clarifies further that right to propagation doesn’t mean right to convert other people. Right to propagate religion freely is a Fundamental Right, but right to convert, if forcibly done and not by choice of the person is illegal.

What happens in reality?

Missionaries come to India to propagate their religion, as Indian Constitutions permits them, but clandestinely start converting naive people. Why missionaries from abroad, even their indian representatives brainwash naive people to convert. Rapidly increasing number of churches specially in South India and recently in Punjab are testimonies how Article 25 (1) is blatantly misused.

35 years old Ankur Yoseph Narula—who is the Senior Pastor and Overseer of the Church of Signs and Wonders, said to be the biggest and fastest growing church ministry in Jalandhar, Punjab—says every sick patient be healed in the name of Jesus, and he commands unclean spirits out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. He asserts that he can heal disability of walking, years old haemorrhoids, bone disease, tonsil, depression, infertility and other diseases, even if he holds no medical degree. But, he couldn’t cure is Corona positive patient. One can imagine how blatantly the fraud is committed by such pastors, who are allowed to propagate their religion.

Dr. P. Satish Kumar—the founder and senior pastor of church called “Calvary Temple” at Hyderabad—claims that he can connect with God, he can speak to God, he can hear from God. Irony is that after evangelising hundreds of thousands of Hindus, building more churches, pastor Satish Kumar complains to Vice President of US India doesn’t have religious freedom.

Article 25(1) of the indian Constitution indirectly allows its native citizens to convert to Christianity in the name of secularism. How can founding fathers of independent india allow foreign missionaries to propagate their religion knowing fully well the strategical penetration” of Christianity during 200 years of the British Crown Raj through East India Company in India? How can founding fathers of independent india compromise ancient faith and culture of the land to look secular by allowing foreign missionaries to work in India?

But, this is disturbing reality. India is the country whose constitution allows its native citizens to convert to Christianity despite unspeakable amount of suppression and injustice perpetuated against Hindus by foreign invaders. Cancelling FCRA licenses may work temporarily, but it can not uproot conversion mafia.

Dr. Timothy C. Tennent—an American theologian, the current president of Asbury Theological Seminary, whose motto is the whole Bible for the whole world—openly declares the target to convert 10 crores Hindus.

Should India allow 10 crores Hindus to be converted to Christianity to look and sound secular? How can Bharatvarsh remain Bharat if its ancient faith and culture of the land are not protected?

To uproot the menace of conversion mafia is to amend Article 25(1). Amendment must clarify only Indic religion must be professed, practiced, and propagated in India.

Jai Hind

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