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EXPOSED – Congress’s EVIL toolkit to attack and defame our Nation, our Government, and PM Modi


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India is fighting an unprecedented war at multiple fronts, we are fighting with COVID pandemic, where we have lost thousands of citizens and millions are still admitted in hospitals to get rid of this deadly virus. China is also flexing its muscles and fortifying its defenses across LAC.

But the biggest war is actually internal in nature, where we are fighting an endless battle with Fake news and Political bigotry by our opposition parties. In such a testing times, when we usually expect all political parties to come together and work for the welfare of our Nation, we have Congress, the party which ruled us for more than 60 years is behaving like an enemy of the state.

In a sensational and shocking development, a congress social media toolkit has been exposed, which was prepared by Congress’s research department, which seems to be leaked on social media by some insider. This toolkit has some shocking details which can shake out belief in the Congress party if someone has.

This Toolkit is utterly anti-national in nature, it contains instructions to fight against not only PM Modi and BJP, but India at several fronts. It even recommends running campaigns to run down our nation’s reputation, to compromise our national security, and hammers our nation’s culture.
The toolkit is so cunning in nature, that it makes a mockery of Hindu’s sacred Maha Kumbh Mela by calling it a super-spreader event, whereas instructs its leaders to remain silent of Eid gatherings. A complete section is dedicated to propaganda works against the Modi Government’s central vista project.

Coming down heavily on Congress, the BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on Tuesday shared what he called “Congress toolkit”. This toolkit is being shared on social media since morning with the hashtag ‘CongressToolkitExposed’.

Patra shared the pages on this toolkit on his Twitter handle and called it Congress’ ‘PR exercise than a soulful endeavor’. He labeled it as a malicious agenda of the Congress and accused its leadership of “wanting to use this opportunity of Pandemic to destroy the image of PM Modi”.

Patra claimed that congress workers were “instructed to call the mutant strain as ‘Modi strain’”. Later, Sambit Patra briefed the media and slammed Congress for plotting against PM Modi.

What is in this Congress Toolkit?

The content of this toolkit is really very objectionable and anti national in nature. This document has been prepared and released by AICC research department. The document clearly mentioned that this document is a research input for the Indian National Congress.

It contains a step by step instruction set for congress workers, and this document works as a blueprint for their social media action in recent past and the time to come.

Step 1 – Politicizing Religion and Allowing Super Spreader Kumbh – This step is about politicizing the sacred Kumbh Mela and it asks the non-party bearers and congress supporters to use social media to highlight the carefully selected pictures of Kumbh to malign the name of Hinduism, whereas it asks supporters to not to utter any words against Eid gatherings. It rather asks its supporters to portray Eid as a social gathering of specific community and families.

Picture Credit – AICC

Step 2- Questions on PM Cares fund – In this step, the Congress toolkit asks its supporter to raise unnecessary questions on the PMCares fund. It asks former civil servants and senior officials to raise doubts over this fund. It also asks congress governments to claim that ventilators given by PMCares fund are faulty, and raise a momentum to allege that all the devices and clinical stuff provided by PM Cares fund are defective. If you see it carefully, then this is exactly how the congress state government of Punjab and Chattisgarh are behaving.

Step – 3 – Special Treatment of Gujrat – In this section, Congress is asking its supporter to build a narrative that as PM Modi is from Gujrat, he is giving special treatment to Gujrat only. It is asking congress supporters in Gujrat to build anger against the Modi Government.

Step 4- Choosing vanity over People’s lives – In this step, Congress toolkit is asking the supporters to raise questions on Modi Government’s Central Vista project. It asks supporters to file cases in Courts to put a stay on this project. It mobilize people to brand it as a ‘vanity project’ which has no public use, it is build only for PM Modi’s personal user. It asks influential people such as writers, academics, journalists to write open letters, tweets against the project. If you just do some trend analysis, you will find the same modus-operandi in last 3-4 weeks from opposition parties.

Picture Credit – AICC

Step 5- Amplify work of frontal Congress Organizations – This step to portray congress as an organization, which is helping people in such a tough times. It asks state congress organizations to block medical assets at local level, and once anyone asks for help, provide him/her the required resource. It also asks to engage the media to amplify such acts, so that Congress’s image can be improved in the public.

Step 6 – Destroy PM Modi’s image – This toolkit shows how PM Modi’s image has been improved a lot in recent time. It asks congress supporters to attack this image by raising the COVID mismanagement. It asks supporters to engage influential people, foreign correspondents to question Modi’s incompetence in handling the situation, it asks to engage the Twitter handles which may appear like Modi or BJP supporters, and asks them to show their anguish against PM Modi and BJP.

Step 7 – Others – It asks congress supporters to use specific phrases like ‘Missing’ Amit Shah, ‘Quarantined’ Jaishankar, ‘Sidelined’ Rajnath Singh, and ‘Insensitive’ Nirmala Sitharaman to create a divide in government. It asks Congress to engage media personalities to publish articles, emotional stories, and fake news to counter the government.

Picture Credit – AICC

Well, we are shell shocked and baffled to see such a toolkit and an organized attack over our government and PM, amid such as testing time, when we need to stand together to fight a long battle against COVID. But it seems Congress has decided to play the role of EVIL and it will remain so.

As an informed citizen on India, it is our responsibility to counter such propaganda by making people aware about such nefarious designs of Congress and other opposition parties, who are showing their evil colors.


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