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Explosive Inside coverage of Jihadi & Linguistic separatist movement Plaguing West Bengal


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Amidst all the tribulations, West Bengal has been bitten a new bug, that of dividing the Hindu populace residing here on liguistic ground. Bengalis by nature are very amiable and forthcoming who have always displayed an affinity towards diverse cultures and communities welcoming all with open arms and assimilating their culture, heritage and practices within the Bengali ethos. Since time immemorial, the non Bengali community, represented primarily by the Marwaris and Biharis followed by the Gujaratis, Punjabis, Oriyas and the South Indian communities have made Bengal their home and have contributed immensely to the growth and development of the state. Bengal has never ever been averse to non Bengalis.

However, an outfit emerged in West Bengal a few years ago, led by the TMC spokesman, Garga Chatterjee, who claims to be an academician. He has represented the TMC, which is currently in power in West Bengal, in various TV debates. The name of this outfit is ‘Banglapokkho’ which has become a menace now in the state. Their activities involve threatening and heckling the non Bengalis, specially the Hindi speaking residents of West Bengal forcing them to speak in Bengali even if they are not well conversant with the language. They are always hunting for stories where Bengalis may have been harassed by any non Bengali within or outside Bengal and highlight these stories to instigate the Bengalis against the non Bengalis and also to subtly make the Bengalis believe that they are hated or neglected by the rest of India.

This raking up of Bengali sentiment by the Banglapokkho is reminiscent of Bengal’s Prime Minister prior to independence, Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy’s use of similar sentiment to plead for a separate Bengali nation post Indian independence which would then have been an Islamic majority one. At that time, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee’s acumen, dedication and commitment to the cause of the Bengali hindus saved the day for them and solely due to his efforts, Congress under J. L. Nehru could be convinced to partition Bengal into East and West Bengal, where the Muslim majority East Bengal went with Pakistan and Hindu majority West Bengal remained with India.

Herein too, the intent could be the same as witnessed by the prevelance of Bangladeshi nationals amongst their page followers, who merrily express their desire to annex West Bengal and merge it with Bangladesh to form a Muslim majority Greater Bengali nation. Such comments are never negated or countered by the Banglapokkho authorities. On the contrary, they have often been seen singing paeans to the Bangladeshi intelligentsia. The big question is why would an Indian group, even if it proclaims to be looking after the interests of a specific linguistic group, be inclined towards a foreign nation, even if they speak the same language?

Abusing deities and dividing them on regional basis is a dangerous and harmful step. This is a part of their divisive agenda in convincing Bengalis that they are a separate entity compared to the rest of the country. Their secessionist tendency is exhibited by the fact that they always refer to our central govt as ‘Hindi imperialists’ and they pledge to disobey the govt orders. They use extremely derogatory terms against the non Bengalis and as a result creates a negative impression in the minds of the non Bengalis against the Bengalis in general. This may have an adverse effect on the life and livelihood of Bengalis living outside West Bengal, which is a substantial number, in keeping with the fact that most of Bengal have to earn their living outside their state due to dearth of industries in Bengal. The industrial decay of Bengal had been initiated by the communists and intensified under the current regime.

Very recently, Garga Chatterjee incurred the wrath of the Assam govt by referring to the first king of Ahom (Assam), Sukhapaa as a Chinese invader and mentioning the Assam Chief Minister, Mr. Sarbanand Sonowal in that tweet. The Assam police came all the way to Kolkata to arrest Garga but they claimed that they received no cooperation from the authorities in West Bengal. We have not heard from Garga since then. The incident occurred in the third week of June this year.

Their constant reference to the Rest of India excluding West Bengal as Hindustan or Hindi imperialists indicates their secessionist tendencies. Their attack on the non Bengali populace of Bengal has now spilled over to the Bengalis also when a couple of days back, a few abusive ladies pulled up another Bengali lady for uttering a few words in English in front of them. They commanded her to leave Bengal if she speaks any language other than Bengali. The incident occurred in the heart of Kolkata in the office of a public utility provider.This makes it all the more evident that they care less for the Bengalis too but are concerned only in raking up Bengali sentiments by stressing on the language alone, obviously with a malicious ulterior motive. The fact that the connection of those belligerent ladies with the Banglapokkho have not been established as yet is a major cause of worry because in that case, that makes it obvious that even the ordinary folks are getting ingrained into the language sensitivity narrative set by the Banglapokkho.

Such seccesionist tendencies have raised their ugly head in a very big way. A few days back, a Bangladeshi national, Zia Hasan, feigning as an Indian, a hindu, Nayan Chatterjee have been carrying on with a separatist agenda, in collusion with the communists from Jadavpur University. His intent was in creating a Greater Bengal by merging West Bengal with Bangladesh and he had support from the pseudosecularist hindu Bengalis in this nefarious schemes. At the same time he was also carrying on with his progrom of instigating the already agitated Bangladeshi Muslims against the Hindus there, which was causing the latter to lose both their lives and livelihood there. Hasan is a member of the cyber department of the Ansarullah Bangla Team, an affiliate of the Islamist Terrorist group, Jamaat- ul-mujahedeen. (https://www.hindupost.in/politics/bangladesh-terror-group-jadavpur-university-secessionists-conspire-to-merge-wb-into-bangladesh/)

So this is history repeating itself- memories of 1946-47 coming back to haunt us again in the 2020s. The same motive of creating an Islamic majority Bengali nation. And this can be done only by raking up Bengali sentiments through language chauvinism, which is a potent tool for brainwashing gullible Bengalis and creating a false sense of deprivation vis a vis the rest of the country. Their agenda of cutting off West Bengal from India can succeed only when the non Bengalis living here can be thrown out. Hence their objective of creating hatred against them arose.

Unfortunately now we do not have Dr. S. P. Mukherjee or Gopal Mukherjee aka Gopal Pantha to save the Hindus of Bengal. Hence the onus is on the living Bengalis to draw inspiration from these two great men, the saviour of the Bengalis to fight out the divisive forces plaguing Bengal. Else nothing can save the state, already reeling under multiple problems, making it only a far cry from it’s glorious past, from sheer doom.

-By Responsible Indian



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