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Elon Musk to legally take on Soros’ Open Society Foundation to stop it from silencing ‘Free Speech’


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Owner of X (formerly Twitter) Elon Musk has said he would file a case against billionaire George Soros-owned “Open Society” foundation.

Musk spoke about a legal challenge whena X user, Michael Shellenberger, said Soros-funded NGOs had been deliberately spreading false information about increasing “hate incidents” to advocate for stricter limitations on free expression.

Shellenberger shared a report tweeting that “politicians and George Soros-funded NGOs say “hate incidents” are rising, but they are not. He added, “The data show the opposite: higher-than-ever and rising levels of tolerance of minorities. The reason they’re spreading hate misinformation is to justify a draconian crackdown on free speech.”

Shellenberger also posted a screenshot of a report written by Irish journalist Ben Scallan on how George Soros’s foundation follows a censorship policy in Ireland and Scotland, which includes searches, phone and computer checks of citizens. Scallan also wrote that NGOs are raising more hate speech complaints without merit.

The Soros family’s Open Society Foundation annually earmarks around $1.5 billion (0ver Rs. 12,000 crore) to champion initiatives such as upholding human rights and advancing “democratic principles”. Soros and Musk have been at odds for six months and the Soros Fund Management had sold off its entire stake in X (Twitter) in February.

“You assume they have good intentions. They are not. He wants to erode the very fabric of civilisation. Soros hates humanity,” replied Musk when asked if despite good intentions, Soros faces criticism despite being a Holocaust survivor.

It was Soros-funded French NGO Sherpa Association that filed a corruption case in France in 2018 against the 36-aircraft Rafale deal with India.

Soros’s foundations have been banned in several countries including Russia, Pakistan, Hungary, and the Philippines. It has also been accused of regime change in several countries including the “Orange Revolution” and the famous “Euromaidan” in Ukraine that led to the current conflict situation in the country.

India is no stranger to this “hate speech” rhetoric run by George Soros led Open Society Foundation. The likes of Alt News, The Wire, Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Rana Ayyub, Ravish Kumar, Mohammed Zubair, Rahul Gandhi, and China-funded Newsclick have all been linked to Soros or his organisations at various points in time.

In May this year, Elon Musk took a jibe at Soros saying “Soros hates humanity.” X owner and billionaire Elon Musk had said he would prefer freedom of speech over money and say whatever he wants during an interview with David Faber for CNBC. Faber had questioned him about the recent tweets about George Soros, where Elon Musk drew a parallel between Soros and the fictional comic villain character Magneto and said that George Soros hates humanity.


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