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Do you know why Naxal-Maoist Terrorists never attack a Church or a Missionary?


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The Nation is anguished and dejected by yesterday’s brutal Naxal attack on our security forces, where at least 22 security personnel were killed and 31 suffered serious injuries following an ambush set up by Naxals in Chhattisgarh’s Bijapur. One soldier is still believed to be missing in the worst Naxal attack in four years.

It is believed that at least 12 Maoists were killed and 16 others were injured in the gun battle following the U-shaped ambush. The security forces were ambushed by around 400 Naxals, who surrounded the jawans from three sides and opened fire.

People are sad and raising several questions over the Government’s policies and tactics. Few people are questioning the intelligence lapse at the Chattisgarh government’s end and their alleged relations with Maoists and the Naxal cabal. However, amid all this hullabaloo most people are ignoring the most important aspect of this Naxal-Maoism menace, that is Christian Missionaries angle to this whole issue.

Here we have 2 important questions

  1. Why the Naxal-Maoist never attack any Church?
  2. Are Missionaries funding the Naxal-Maoist movement?

Why the Naxal-Maoist never attack any Church?

We have seen thousands of instances of Naxal attacks on villages, infrastructures like schools, power plants or communication towers, or even temples, but If we check the statistics, we will hardly find an instance of Naxal attack on a church or a local missionary center.

It could surprise you but the truth is that Naxals have never targeted churches and priests just because they serve them or is there some other reason. Here one important aspect of the Naxal-Maoism problem is that most of the cadre has been converted to Christianity and they are acting like an asset for missionaries, as they use their influence to convert more innocent people.

Naxal and Maoists provide the much needed arms support to churches and missionaries and that’s the reason why we never hear about any news of attacks on Churches, as no one attacks their own people.

Are Missionaries funding the Naxal-Maoist movement?

Now, coming to the second question, we must know a western analogy to understand this point. From ancient times, the West had four wings of their armed forces-The Army, Airforce, Navy, and the Church.

Well, people may take it lightly but the problem being posed by the Christian missionaries is immense for any nation, especially to a democratic nation like India, where we have freedom of doing almost anything. Unline the Islamic terrorism which is an open threat and could be seen clearly, the threat posed by a large section of missionaries is rather hidden or veiled but extremely dangerous.

The primary aim of the missionaries is to exploit the existing fault-lines along caste, religion, language, community, race and ethnicity. Missionaries have setup a massive conversion mafia to exploit these fault lines and change the demography of India. Their main aim is to create divide and hatred between the different sections of our society and then lure them by offering some benefits and then pitch in for coversion.

We have seen several such instances especially in the Naxal-affected areas like Chhatisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and several North-Eastern states, where missionaries been used to create the divide among the people and to initiate armed rebellion to destroy the democratic apparatus of India.

Missionaries are also funding the Naxalites, leftist thinkers, especially in the Universities and Media. These so-called intellectuals write-ups in renowned media websites and newspapers and constantly abuse Hinduism by calling it a religion of superstition, they also mock the Hindu culture and festivals. Articles blaming Hinduism for all the evils in society have also surfaced several times, whereas Christianity and Islam have been appreciated, and their culture and festivals are gaining more prominence in the media write-ups.

How Missionaries fund Naxal-Maoist Terrorism?

Well, people often ask, from where the funding comes to Naxal-Maoist terrorists. The funding comes in various forms, and most of the time via innovative routes, hence sometimes it is very difficult to track the funding sources. The biggest chunk of funding comes from foreign sources who pour in massive funds in the name of aids and support of churches.

Another source is missionary-operated convent schools, these schools collect massive donations from people and most of the part of those donations are diverted to the missionaries and then Naxal-Maoist operators. Apart from that missionaries also collect huge funds from their allied businesses such as computer institutes, universities, driving schools, de-addiction centers, and vocational training institutes. However, a large part of the funding has always been through several missionary-backed NGOs.

Apart from all the above, the funds have also been raised through militant outfits, which control the local businesses, opium trade, Tendu Patta trade, and Cut money from large enterprises. Missionaries provide these Naxal-Maoist operators much-needed soft support so that they can operate in an area, collect the money by threatening the people, and then use that to purchase arms and ammunition.

This is a very well knitted cabal of missionaries and Naxal-Maoist terrorists, which is causing a massive loss to our nation. I understand that Government has already started taking much needed actions on their funding sources, as Government has banned several thousand NGO’s and several other missionary associated organizations in last couple of years.

Following the crackdown on NGOs, these organizations and missionaries are experiencing a massive fund squeeze. These missionaries, Naxals, Maoists, along their urban friends are bound to get desperate and take every possible step to cause harm to our security forces and to break India as well. We request our government to up the ante against these criminals and start a massive crackdown against these parasites asap.


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