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DMK’s Secessionist Tendencies: YouTuber Maridhas arrested for raising voice against people rejoicing the demise of CDS Rawat


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India is experiencing a strange phenomenon these days, where talking against the nation has become an expression of wokeism and secularism, whereas our governments are taking stern actions against those who are pointing out the traitors amongst us.

Last month India experienced a massive shock, when our CDS General Bipin Rawat, his wife, and 11 other officers and soldiers died in an IAF helicopter crash. The entire nation was mourning the death of CDS Rawat and other Bravehearts, but at the same time, we saw a shocking trend, where a specific section of people was rejoicing the death of our brave soldiers.

People were taken aback by this trend and many nationalist voices came together to expose these traitors and legal action was taken against many anti-national elements. However, a rude shock came in when a famous YouTuber Maridhas was arrested by cyber-crime police in Tamilnadu.

Was this indeed a Controversy?

The police claimed that he made a ‘controversial’ statement on CDS Rawat’s death. Maridhas was aghast by this nefarious behavior of anti-nationals and he expressed his anguish in the tweet, which he later deleted.

Maridhas asked if Tamil Nadu was “turning into a Kashmir” under the DMK rule. In the tweet, seeming to insinuate foul play in Wednesday’s tragedy, he claimed that there were chances of a conspiracy to be formed when people disloyal to the country were to come together and said separatist forces had to be stopped.”

Picture Credit – Youtube

He had also posted a tweet where he shared his pain and alleging that DMK party supporters had made fun of Rawat’s passing. He also claimed that the Tamilnadu government is giving a free hand to create a group that can do any level of treason against the country and that any kind of plot can be hatched in the state.

Well, can someone enlighten us on how this tweet is controversial? Isn’t this a genuine concern shared by an honest citizen? Isn’t that how a patriotic Indian should behave?

Once this news was broken, people started an aggressive campaign in his support. Several pro-Hindu organizations and BJP members gathered at the spot and refused to allow police to detain him.

Police took him to the K Pudur police station, where again BJP cadres staged a protest in support of Maridhas. Maridhas was booked by the cybercrime police under Sections 153 (a), 504, 505 (ii), 505 (i)(b) of the IPC.

Tamil Nadu government acted in haste and put its petition where it claimed that Maridhas made unnecessary statements and questioned the state administration’s integrity. Maridhas’ lawyer countered and told the court that Maridhas criticizes the Tamilnadu government on genuine issues and the government is acting in enmity and jailed him to keep him quiet.

The court rejected the case against Maridhas and ruled that the sections brought against him were invalid. Court also quashed FIRs against him, but then Tamilnadu police arrested him once again, and this time for a 2020 video where he had insinuated the role of the Muslim community in the spread of COVID-19.

DMK’s demonic tactics to crush the unbiased voices

Tamilnadu Police has slapped multiple cases against him, and the DMK government is putting all efforts to keep Maridhas in jail. You can observe the brazen tactics of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) government. The DMK is known for crushing the freedom of expression of citizens.

DMK cadre is infamous for orchestrating attacks on several renowned people such as Thuglak, Kumudam, Thirumuruga Kirupananda Variyar, and many more. DMK government has previously arrested another social media sensation Kishore K Swamy under the Goonda Act and has been languishing in jail for months. He has been facing the wrath of DMK for making alleged ‘defamatory remarks’ against their leadership.

Picture Credit – The Hans India

DMK party has cultivated its own media house and journalists, which helped them to have complete control over the media voices, and it also helped them to spread their propaganda, mislead the people by reporting biased facts.

DMK also formed a missionary-linked organization such as AICUF, which is instrumental in spreading their propaganda and providing adequate training to media persons, who work on the behest of the DMK party and create an anti-Hindu environment in the state.

Picture Credit – The Indian Express

Maridhas- an Unbiased voice that must be protected at any cost

Amid such an iniquitous environment, Maridhas appeared on the scene and he started putting forth his views to get his views to the youth of Tamilnadu. In the process of enlightenment, he attacked the two evils of Tamilnadu, ie., Marxism, and Dravidianism. Equipped with great presentation skills and amazing connect with the audience, Maridhas was able to explain several complex concepts to his audience and became a phenomenal hit among the Tamil youths and social media users.

Maridhas exposed various inconvenient truths about the DMK party, its cadre, and the ecosystem they have hatched in recent decades. As expected, he had attracted the attention of some powerful enemies, and that can be seen how DMK and its allies are hounding for him and trying their best to crush his voice and keep him in jail forever.

Since coming to power, the DMK government has been following the path of silencing such voices, and this must be opposed by everyone. This is indeed the right time for all democratic forces to join hands and stand beside Maridhas and fight against the evil of DMK..


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