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Divya Kakran said, that she never received any help from the Delhi Government.


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Commonwealth games bronze medallist wrestler Divya Kakran on Sunday said, that she never received any help from the Delhi government following which the AAP dispensation said if she has ever applied for any sports schemes then it will be looked into.

The episode began when the entire country was flowing in enthusiasm for Kakran’s feat in CWG and that followed an applaud from Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Ahead of that Kakran message had more to express than gratitude. She exclaimed on the help that she wished to receive but never assisted by the government earlier in the Asian Games as well.

Heartfelt thanks to the Honourable Chief Minister of Delhi for congratulating me on the medal. However, I have a request. I have been living in Delhi for the last 20 years and am practising wrestling here only but haven’t been given any reward from the state government, “Kakran’s tweet.

“I request you that you honour me the same way you do for other players who play from any other state through Delhi,” she added.

On 8th August Delhi government reacted through the tweet, “the Delhi government respects all sportspersons of the country and prays for their bright future.” “Currently Divya Kakran plays for Uttar Pradesh. If she had played from Delhi or she had been part of any sport scheme of the government or she has applied in any such scheme then the government will surely look into, it said.

The celebration across the country comes at a price paid by the athletes. The sacrifices they made in foregoing direction not only required applauds but also assistance since the representation of the flag and the country is displayed on International media.  

It is the duty of state to look for the potential and to assist them to reach the pinnacle.


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