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Another Hindu, Pratik Pawar attacked in Ahmednagar with swords, hockey sticks for allegedly supporting Supporting Nupur Sharma

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In Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar, 23-year-old man named Pratik Pawar was attacked with life threatening weapons by muslims on August 4th for allegedly putting whatsapp status in support of Nupur Sharma.

Attackers accuse him of committing blasphemy by supporting former Bhartiya Janta Party spokesperson Nupur Sharma. However, there is no essential in penal law as asserted by the attackers.

There is a list of attacks on Hindus on similar excuses and nowhere seems to be halt. The entire reason for commission of the acts are derogatory remarks on Islam’s founder Mohammed. The transaction is unstoppable since the television discussion in which Nupur Sharma in retort to the insult of Hindu deity said, derogatory remarks on Prophet Mohammed.

As a result, she had been sacked from her post in the party. The community then began to chant retribution across India in the name of protest that is (there is only one punishment for blasphemy of prophet and that is beheading).

Hence, many attacks have been taken place so far in which several lost their lives for supporting Nupur Sharma. In Udaipur killing, protests were laid down after brutal and premeditated murder of Kanhaiyalal.

In Pawar’s episode, police have identified and arrested five people in connection with the brutal attack. As per statement, Pratik Pawar was attacked by a muslim mob of 14-15 men equipped with sticks and swords. The attack happened while Pratik was waiting for another friend to join an event.

In the meantime, the mob came on two wheelers and attacked and beaten him recklessly. However, police have identified and arrested several related with the attack and pressed charges, IPC Sections 307, 143, 147, 149, 148, 323, 504.

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