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‘Destroy Gaza’s enemies’, pro-Hamas imam calls for extermination of Jews at rally.


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Adil Charkaoui, the controversial pro-Hamas imam, is accused of making a remark on October 28th, during a pro-Palestine rally in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada, that called for the “extermination of all Jews.” Together, the heads of the country’s four major political parties have demanded that he face harsh penalties for any potential hate crimes. Charkaoui demanded the eradication of “Zionist aggressors” in his Arabic speech.


On the day when Charkaoui gave the speech, a sizable contingent of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered close to Place des Arts. It was a component of the pro-Palestinian “global day” of protests to “denounce” the continuing war between Israel and Hamas as well as the bombing of Gaza. Invoking Allah, Charkaoui called the “enemies of the people of Gaza” and demanded that the “Zionist aggressors” be eliminated during his speech. Throughout his speech, he pleaded that “no one be spared.”

Premier of Quebec François Legault addressed the matter, stating that Charkaoui was charged with inciting hatred and violence. He emphasized that it is not acceptable to incite violence, even though he has no say in how the police should carry out their inquiry.


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