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Demographic Dominance: A cunning strategy to spread Islamic superiority in Non-Muslim Societies


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Recently, India and Pakistan met in one of the most sensational and awaited cricket matches in the ICC T20 World Cup, in which India unfortunately lost. Past the match, we have witnessed a terrible religious demonstration across India, where Muslims burst crackers in many areas, celebrated and raised pro-Pakistani and anti-Indian slogans.

Meanwhile, Pakistan went a step further, and its Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid call it a “Victory of Islam”. He said that Muslims across the world, including the ones in India, we’re supporting Pakistan during the match.

In fact, the Pakistani Minister has spoken a very deep thing, he is sending strategic signals to Indian Muslims by labeling it as the victory of Islam. Pakistani media persons also said that this one kufr has been broken and many Pakistani cricketers are also openly giving it an Islamic color.

If you are feeling that this is just a usual thing, then you are wrong, as this is a well-thought-out strategy of Muslims, and that is continued for many centuries.

Well, before going any further, let’s watch this video from Srinagar, which is indeed a Muslim majority area, and look how they are celebrating with pro-Pakistani slogans, and sometimes they raise pro-Islamic slogans as well. Don’t you think this is strategic signaling?

This is strategic signaling to portray the fact that they have the demographic advantage in this area, and they can openly take a stand for their Ummah.

Now you may think what is Ummah?

It is a global brotherhood of Islamic believers, that is bound together with a common objective, to worship God and with a common goal to advance the cause of Islam. The Ummah is a group of Islamic people from diverse backgrounds, locations, ancestry, and nationalities.

It’s a strategy to gain the demographic gains, dominate the society and make the minorities either leave their areas or remain recessive.

In most of the countries where Muslims are minorities, they remain submissive and meekly follow the laws of the land, based on the constitution of respective. However, they prefer to follow the Sharia law to control their personal life and keep observing the Islamic practices such as praying in the Mosques, fasting, Zakah (Charity) pilgrimage, Halal meat, etc.

Currently, Muslims are minorities in some 150 countries in the world and never ask for sharia-based criminal laws they and prefer to abide by the nation’s constitution provisions. For example, Indian Muslims abide by the Criminal laws of the Indian constitution, which is known as the Indian Penal Code.

However, this situation takes a complete turnaround when we talk about Islamic nations. Where minorities don’t have any right to observe their religious freedom, to display their religious identities. We have seen what has happened with Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh in recent times.

How it is happening in India?

It was started before the partition when the Muslim population was hardly 25% of pre-partition India. However, they decided that they could not live with their Hindu neighbors, and thus they need a separate country which is governed by Islamic principles. We have seen how Muslim leaders went on to implement their partition agenda over the dead bodies of millions of Indians.

The partition happened despite several failed attempts to reconcile with the Muslim leadership. On the contrary, this strategy of reconciliation with Muslims embolden their religious leaders to orchestrate more riots and communal tensions. Who can forget the infamous Mopallah rebellion or Direct Action Day?

After independence, Muslim leadership realized that they have to remain silent and work strategically to gain dominance in Indian society, which is overwhelmingly Hindu-dominated. They worked tirelessly and forged small-term and long-term alliances to gain political and social benefits.

How do Muslims take advantage of Demographic change?

Muslims are officially around 15% in India, but due to their strategic prowess, they have forced all secular parties (read anti-Hindu) to amend laws in favor of Muslims, develop strategic ghettos for them, maintain legal leniency towards them, organize Iftaar parties, and even sport skull caps to show their support and bias.

Once they breach the threshold of 20%, they start asking for more rights, and sometimes forcefully. They ask for freedom of observing namaz at public places, they start asking for implementing the Sharia, they start defying the constitution and laws and whatnot.

Muslims know their strategic objectives, and that’s why they tend to support the secular or anti-Hindu party for some time, and the moment they get a pro-Muslim political outfit available, they don’t waste a moment to jump the boat.

One can easily see how Muslims are getting rid of secular parties once they have Muslim League, AIMIM, and other such pro-Muslim political parties available. This shows how Muslims behave once they gain demographic dominance in a specific geographical area. West Bengal is another such example, where Muslims are standing rock solid with Manata Banerjee, but please don’t be surprised if TMC is replaced by its more brutal alternative in those areas with the gradual increase of Muslim majority areas.

How Ummah sponsored Ecosystem helps them?

Apart from Political outfits, we have a specific section of Media, Intellectuals, and even the Terrorist groups who support this demography strategy of Muslims in a way or the other.

We have seen how media houses such as The Wire, Alt News, NDTV, Karwan are spreading pro-Muslim narratives in Media. How these media houses twist the facts and ensure Muslims always look like victims of Hindutva and Fascist forces. They even justify any crime committed by Muslims and put the blame on the majority community in every possible condition.

In a recent case, where several Kashmiri Students have been arrested and charged under the UAPA for raising pro-Pakistani slogans after India’s loss in the ICC T20 World cup. A terrorist group has openly come in support of those Muslim students and threatened the Hindus for dire consequences for reporting this matter to the authorities.

So, you can see the power of the Muslim Ecosystem, which is funded and nurtured by their Ummah. That’s why every small incident where the Muslim is a victim, gets the highest level of visibility, and social media trends are orchestrated from Gulf, Turkey, and Pakistan. Even several media channels like Al-Jazeera runs nefarious propaganda against India, and portray it as if there is a pogrom going on against Muslims in India.

Well, as we said, this is a well-thought-out strategy to increase the dominance in non-Muslim society. People do understand it, but somehow they don’t raise their voice.

If you hear loud cracker noise or cheers after the Pakistani win, then don’t ignore it, you never know what demographic changes are being done in your area. These acts are signals, and you must start understanding them and acting against them before it is too late.


  1. What is the need to play with Pakistan.Its a shameful act on part of BCCI.On one hand Pak is spreading terrorism .How can you play with enemies.As far as Indian Muslims they are traitors.Our govt is pumping money in Kashmir but if we don’t give Kashmiri pandita their lost prestige its useless.


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