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Deception, Trunicle with its first publication exposes a family that deceived the whole nation


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Team TRUNICLE in its debut publication brings forth a sensational book, by former Under Secretary MHA, namely DECEPTION !! An explosive account of one family running the oldest political party and defrauding the fate of a nation using unscrupulous and corrupt practices.

No doubt the book is a work of fiction. But significantly , what has been brought out appears to have happened. We can corroborate these events except that the actors’ names have been changed.

Incidentally the protagonist’s father too was a former Government officer, and through his accounts one can gauge how deep the rot has been running – “This political family ruling over the country has a record of creating such a narrative to weaken the security maligning a patriotic community. Take for instance the Sikh militancy. 1971 war was won by Sikh soldiers. So the leader from the family decided to reduce the presence of Sikhs in Indian defence forces. First by maligning them as militants.

Simultaneously they sowed the seeds of their emigration from the country. The percentage of Sikhs joining Security Forces reduced drastically”. This can be corroborated as facts.

The book traces the case of major terror attacks in 2007-2008 where the officers put their life at stake to cull out intelligence including the hideout etc..But a pliable officer is brought in who not only rubbishes these inputs but orders action against the protagonist. Irony was how these inputs were eventually proven to be true.

There was a clear pattern emerging.The Government in power was colluding with ISI to kill Indian Muslims only to blame it on Hindus and plant a narrative of fake Hindu terror. Maximum number of victims in the Samjhauta, Mecca Masjid blast were Muslims.The book makes a brave attempt to bring forth the series of events.

The sinister and absurd functioning is exposed once again when the Official residence of the PM of India was sold by forged documents registered duly in a border state !!. The protagonist explains in detail how national pride was saved at a huge cost. This may look like a story but sources in Punjab confirm that there were news clips in Punjabi news channels in Feb 2008 which were abruptly removed. So much for Freedom of Expression. The officers who later faced action will not come out because of fear of loss of reputation.

An entire bandwagon of appeasing the minorities had become a political fashion to garner their votes. Fake currency trafficking by ISI for funding terror activities in India was going unabated during the period. The protagonist also brings to life a case study of this leaking from a prominent nationalised Bank in 2008 Be it the Pakistani teams/ groups etc coming on declared legitimate causes and trafficking drugs or the 26.11 Mumbai attack when the protagonist was successfully removed from site when inputs were to be received is unabashedly unmasked !!!.

The book is a series of disclosures of sensational information published by TRUNICLE and penned meticulously by SHRI RVS MANI.

To put it in one word – it’s “Unputdownable” !!


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