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Communist Meghna Pant calls God Shiva a ‘Druggist’ to shield her Bollywood friends. Why Hindus are quiet??


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The Communists are the breed of people who always try every trick in the book to spread communal hatred against Hindus and their culture. They never shy away from maligning Hindu deities and always find ways to insult our gods through pictures and tabloids or any other medium.

As we all know, post Sushant Singh’s death, there was a furor over the way his death was treated, people were agitated due to the shoddy investigation carried out by the Mumbai Police and obstacles created by the Maharashtra Government.

Since the entry of NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) the investigation has been turned towards the abuse of Drugs in Bollywood. During the NCB’s investigation into the drugs angle in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, it uncovered a wider drugs nexus in Bollywood which is now unraveling the names of some renowned and highly popular Actors along with some alarming evidence are also coming to the fore. It seems the discussion about the drugs has become the focal point of the nation at this point of time.

Amid all this brouhaha, Communist infested celebrities sensed another opportunity to malign the name of Hindu Gods. In an India Today news debate last night, an Author and Journalist Meghna Pant made a shameful remark about Lord Shiva and called him a ‘Drug Addict’ and compared him with the Bollywood criminals who were exposed on drug abuse issue.

Meghna Pant, who is also a member of the ‘Urban Naxal’ group, gave an absurd logic that Hindu God like Shiva also consumed ‘Drugs’. She kept on denigrating the Hindutva and defending the Bollywood celebrities. She added that it’s their personal life and they can consume the drugs and one should not disturb their private life at all.

Look at the video here, and see how shamefully she is abusing our God.

BJP’s Sambit Patra, who was also a panelist on this debate, he slammed Meghna Pant for her malicious attempt to abuse Hindu Gods. Patra denounced her statement and said that these people are classical hypocrites, who always find an opportunity to abuse Hindu Gods, but they have no guts to say something similar to gods of other religions.

Patra further added that this is the problem with these High Class Elites, they even can defend the abuse of drugs by celebrities under the garb of their personal lives and rights. Seems she was unaware the consuming or keeping the drugs in possession is indeed a criminal act under IPC, which attract imprisonment and penalties as well.

Also, the so-called author Meghna Pant, who has won several awards in past, isn’t aware of Hinduism and our Gods, she doesn’t know that lord Shiva never used to take drugs or smoked, all the sketches depicting him smoking ganja are just distortions and false. Lord Shiva is known for drinking the ‘Halahala’ poison during Samudra Manthan to save the world from destruction and he got the name Neelkantha(throat turned blue due to poison) for doing such a big favor on humanity.

Shiva is considered as the biggest yogi. He is the one who withdraws, who participates, with the Goddess, he is the one who engaged with the world as Shankara, he is the one who brings forth song, stories, and dance, he is the one who protects the world, who can destroy the world as well. This dual aspect of withdrawal and engagement makes Shiva, the Shiva. Until we can understand Shiva, who helps the world, and does not fear it, it is best to stay away from drugs.

Well, that’s how the communist work. They don’t know anything about anything, they just project themselves as an ‘Intellectual’ and to project themselves as secular, they just abuse Hinduism and Hindus. They twist the facts, they misled the youth with their half baked stories. But due to the emergence of Social Media, they have started feeling difficulties in paddling such lies, as now the common person can expose their lies and burst their propaganda.

Actually its the issue with their ideology. Communists and Marxists across the world have underestimated the resilience of religion, they consider it as a ‘false consciousness’ that is bound to wither away in time under the irresistible influence of progress. Even in the past, they tried to eradicate the religion from public life, especially in communists ruled Soviet Union and several other Eastern Europe countries, but their ideology was failed due to spectacular resurgence of religion everywhere.

They try to replicate the same model in India as well, but here they use Jihadi elements to foment the poison in the society. They always keep accusing and abusing Hindu religion, Hindu belief system and Hindu Gods, Who can forget the abuse these Communists hurled on our Goddess Durga in JNU and Jadhavpur university?

But they always ‘conveniently’ keep mum on the malpractices of a ‘specific’ religion, the reason is quite obvious, they both work for hand in gloves and support each other’s agenda. That’s why you will see jihadi elements in every communist protest. Even the recent Anti-CAA protest across the country was an example of their coordinated effort.

In our opinion, in a deeply religious country like India, where people derive many of their beliefs and ethos from their religion and scriptures, it is appalling to see how these communists keep on harping and challenging Hindu’s religious practices all the time, under the garb of freedom of expression. We believe it’s the payback time for them, we should use the constitutional arrangements to attack these anti-national and Hindu-phobic elements. We should files FIR’s and use the legal remedies to get them punished, it seems enough is enough now.


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