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Communism is cancer & major roadblock on the path of progress


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If there is one ideology that has caused immense harm to the development of Bharat by placing roadblocks on the path of progress time and again then it is Communism. Communists have always been opposed to industries that create jobs and reforms that help the country march forward. In doing so they have actually caused more harm to the very same people they claim to be working for in addition to leading the country down the lane of destruction.

The major share of the blame for the destruction of the textile industry in Mumbai lies at the doors of the communist ideology. Trade Union leader Datta Samant in 1982 led about two and half lakh workers from about 50 different mills around Mumbai to strike. The strike went on for around one and half years.

However, the deadlock continued as neither the government nor the mill owners acceded to the demands. Far from resolving the issues of the workers the strike rendered more than one lakh workers jobless and brought untold as well unending financial miseries upon scores of families.  

Even so the left’s mindless opposition to development continued and it keeps fueling protests across the country at the cost of people’s welfare. While earlier the communists used trade unions now, they have been allying with activists, NGOs, missionaries and Islamists to halt Bharat’s progress.

Intelligence Bureau (IB) had itself spoken of foreign funded NGOs organizing protests to halt the progress march of Bharat. Similarly, the left is opposing the Jaitapur Nuclear Project in the garb of environmental activism. Nuclear power is a clean source of energy and one that will solve the country’s energy woes. However, leftists in alliance with missionaries, Islamists and other anti-Bharat forces have been spreading irrational fear among the local populace despite clearances for these projects from experts.

The Vedanta Sterlite plant was shut down owing to activism which was fueled by both the Church and the leftists in collusion with Tamil extremists. Tuticorin villagers had accused leftists inciting violence at Sterlite. The Singur violence that led to the shutting down of the Tata Motors factory leaving many jobless and leading manufacturers to turn away shows how anti-Bharat forces have been actively working to stop Bharat from progressing.  

Considering the long history of left’s anti-Bharat stance, it wasn’t really surprising that the Wistron factory vandalism in Bengaluru recently was promoted by the left. Arrest of leftist leader Srikanth confirmed the involvement of the left in the entire episode. The leftists acting on behalf of the Chinese to thwart manufacturing in Bharat cannot be ruled out considering the fact that the Chinese state media was quick to latch on to the episode to bad mouth Bharat.    

Leftist movement the world over has always caused more harm than good. In Bharat, the left allies with missionaries and Islamists to destroy Hindu culture as well. The CPM in Kerala is a prime example of how Hindu Dharma and industrialization has been destroyed; the former by allying with Islamists and missionaries and the latter by unionism.

Communism is a cancer gnawing away at the fabric of the society by opposing industries that create jobs. It is not just authoritarian but also opposed to innovation and creativity. The sooner we get rid of this cancer, the better it is for the society.   


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