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“Bol na Pakistan aau kya, Tour cancel karau kya”; Did Om Prakash Mishra Jeopardize the NZ and England’s Tour of Pakistan?


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Anything can happen in Pakistan because it’s a weird country. After an unofficial Cricket Embargo for almost 13 years, Pakistan was getting ready to host multiple nations for a domestic cricket tour. Everything was working as per the plan, and then suddenly all hell broke loose.

Few hours before the first cricket match with New Zealand, the New Zealand cricket team canceled its tour of Pakistan citing a severe security alert. Taken aback by this sudden development, Pakistan roped in even their Prime Minister Imran Khan to talk with New Zealand PM, but to no avail. The New Zealand team left the nation and then came another massive shock when England called off their tour of Pakistan, citing similar security threats.

While New Zealand and England did not reveal the details of the security threat, Pakistan Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry did a presser and made some revealing expose that a threatening email was sent to the New Zealand team from India via a VPN showing the location of Singapore. Fawad also stated that a person named Om Prakash Mishra is behind this conspiracy, and he is the culprit who actually created this fiasco which led to the cancellation of these cricket tours.

Fawad stated that “The mobile device from which the threat was launched was launched in India in August 2019 and became active on September 25, through which a man named Om Prakash Mishra created a fake e-mail ID named Hamza Afridi from Mumbai and threatened to locate Singapore through VPN.”

He further added that “Timing and text of the threat email suggest that the threat was not the reason for cancellation of the tour, but was issued after the cancellation.”

Well, as we said, Pakistan is a weird country so are their citizens and Ministers. During the press conference, the minister showed some photographs among which, one photo was of Indian rapper Om Prakash Mishra, who is quite infamous for his song ‘Bol na aunty aau kya, ghanti mai bajau kya’ in 2017. Soon, the news went viral and it become the source of a hilarious meme fest. People went berserk and started sharing some rib-tickling content on social media.

Hence proved, Om Prakash Mishra is way more powerful than ISI and Pakistani Government, his single email led to the cancellation of these tours.

People went really crazy over this theory proposed by the Pakistani Minister.

Well, this is exactly what is expected from Pakistan. They are harboring Terrorism in their backyard to destabilize their neighbors, but they never realized that the same snake will someday bite their master. The day has come and Pakistan is going to face another decade of the embargo as no country is going to visit it at least in the next couple of years.

They have a strange capability of putting the blame of everything on India, and sometimes this led to their own public embarrassment. Hereby accusing a small-time rapper of such a massive controversy, they have exposed their own intelligence pittance.

May Allah give Pakistan some sense and wisdom. For now, all we can say that “Inshaallah our Boy Om Prakash Mishra played really well“.


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