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Bilkis Bano is poster woman of Time magazine. Didn’t she influence anti national forces, which led to riots in Delhi?


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Bilkis Bano, 82-year-old grandma of Shaheen Bagh is in the news for making it to the list of 100 most influential people for the year 2020, in the TIME magazine. In her note in Time, controversial journalist Rana Ayub writes, Bilkis Bano braved the chilling cold of January from 8 in the morning to midnight to protests Citizenship Amendment Act.

Bilkis Bano, the grandma of Shaheen Bagh must be appreciated for her robust health at the age of 82 for enduring harsh cold of January in Delhi. There is no scope of doubt octogenarian, Bilkis Bano influenced many.

Bilkis Bano protested against Citizenship Amendment Act, which was democratically passed by both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha with due debate by a democratically elected government with thumping majority. Bilkis Bano continued to sit in Shaheen Bagh, which created a traffic nightmare for thousands of commuters. Shaheen Bagh literally harassed daily commuters, local residents and businesspersons. Shaheen Bagh created distress in school children, who could not reach their exam halls on time. Shaheen Bagh caused deaths in ambulances, which got stuck due to protest and couldn’t reach hospital on time. Even, Delhi High Court looked helpless, when Delhi Police couldn’t implement court’s order to clear the blockage due to Shaheen Bagh.

So who did Bilkis Bano influence? Did Bilkis Bano inspire a law abiding citizen?

Bilkis Bano influenced anti establishment strengths, which wanted to discredit a democratically elected government and topple it by any undemocratic means. Bilkis Bano inspired forces, which do not believe in democracy, parliament, and court system. Bilkis Bano motivated anti national forces like Safoora Zargar, who allegedly led a violent mob, having conspired to set national capital on fire by waging war against nation, who is responsible for more than 50 innocents deaths. Bilkis Bano motivated anti national forces like Sharjeel Imam, who wanted to cut off Assam from rest of the country to teach India a lesson.

The most important essence of Bilkis Bano’s influential character is she opposed a bill, which has no connection with Indian Muslims, but it provided shelter to persecuted minorities such as Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhists and Christians in three Islamic countries Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Bilkis Bano didn’t hesitate to display her Islamist character, who wants Muslims from Islamic states to come to India to multiply here. Why should India give shelters to Muslims from Islamic counties even after it gave sizeable land as Pakistan for Muslims in 1947? Is India responsible if an Islamic country is not able to take care of its Muslim citizens?

If an Islamist Bilkis Bano—who doesn’t believe in democracy, parliament and court system, who motivates anti national forces like Safoora Zargar and Sharjeel Imam—is one of 100 most influential people for the year 2020, according to criteria of TIME magazine, Osama Bin Laden should be the most influential man on the earth for the millennium.

Osama Bin Laden’ father Mohammed Bin Laden, a Yemeni immigrant owned the largest construction company in the Saudi kingdom. Osama led a highly facilitated and privileged childhood. He had every resource to enjoy life. However, he believed that all Muslims should rise up in jihad, or holy war, to create a single Islamic state. He also didn’t trust in democracy, parliament and court system. To implement his ideology, he didn’t hesitate in carnage and destruction, hence, he executed 9/11 and many more terror attacks. Later, he sacrificed all privileges and comfort of his life in harsh cold of Abbottabad in Pakistan, just like Bilkis Bano endured chilling cold of Delhi.

Bilkis Bano is a diluted version of Islamist. Osama Bin Laden is fine version of Islamist. Osama Bin Laden influenced millions of Muslims across the world. Just to remind readers, TIME magazine also named Osama Bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as influential people in the world. Below are links.




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