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Biden or No Biden!


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Communist forces like the left leaning media and fake narrative-based college campuses are playing hands-in-glove with the Islamic radicals. 

No Biden!

It’s election time in the United States and this time the Democrat candidate again is a person with an expansive political career like the one Clintons had. We all will know a lot more about Joe Biden and his future plans about the country and the World when he is pushed for the upcoming presidential debates with the incumbent President Mr. Donald Trump. One can only assume from his past actions about what new Joe can deliver except what he has already done in various positions in the past. And Why, if at all he has something to offer other than that, was not yet delivered with those past powerful positions he has had till date.

Let’s have a look at what this election means.

US is just out of the mess of the propaganda chaos of BLM, fuelled by the left and liberal media and political vested interests combine. The communist and Islamist agenda of creating chaos on every street to suck more and more freebies from the taxpayers’ money cannot be allowed to define as some default US setting. A functionless, hijacked state is not what the country can afford to become.

Does US want to go into lawlessness again?

Is US open to considering powerless police forces and home guards kneeling in front of criminals begging for peace?

Under Donald Trump’s leadership, the economy was going head-strong up until the Covid-19 spread. The jobs and manufacturing bases have started coming back from foreign nations to the country. The merit-less immigrants and criminal migrants are legally stopped from entering like a free-pass under Democrats.

Does US want to wash out the economic recovery gained?

Is US open to more and more migrants pouring in?

The wastage of fruitless and endless wars, most of which are regional troubles of some other nations is curbed. The mammoth size savings are ploughed back in the US businesses, welfare, education, Medicare and trade. A business-savvy, deal-maker President is making the most of his tactical flip-flops on various issues to land on violence-free agreements all over the World.

Does US want to go back to War Projects and drain the treasury outside?

Is US open to take burdens of other nations on its head unfairly?

Joe Biden, besides the age factor, has a lot of past baggage of proven incompetence in dealing several major security concerns. The Democrats are propping up the state of Pakistan since several decades from the last century. They invested loads of US taxpayers’ money and lost thousands of army men by signing blank cheques to the rogue state worth billions of dollars which were used to set up terror factories, terror tourism and then claim reimbursements for conducting fake terror hunt. Biden himself has been awarded with Pakistan’s second rank of awards called ‘hilal-e-pakistan’ in 2008. His pandering to the radicals and unnecessary poking a good ally India on Kashmir issue goes to show that he can re-start signing blank cheques from the US treasury towards the global Islamic agenda. His left-leaning and chaos-based freebies politics is not what any self-respecting countrymen would desire even otherwise. The World’s leading power should focus on being the powerhouse in terms of productivity, performance and defence might.

Communist forces like the left leaning media and fake narrative-based college campuses are playing hands-in-glove with the Islamic radicals. They wish to throw open the gates of the United states in the name of pseudo-diversity narrative and reduce the natives to the status of refugees in their own country. Joe Biden is not just incapable of perceiving these threats but appears opportunistic enough to accommodate such forces in polity. This is a big security threat looming over the United States. The country cannot be allowed to become middle-east just for the greed of vote bank politics of some corrupt politicians.

Trump’s attitude towards the Chinese belligerence is the need of the hour. The country is already suffering from some corporate elites acting as agents of the Chinese communist party. They are blocking steps of economic decoupling from China just for the sake of revenues from the Chinese market. These elites can work through the pockets of seasoned lawmakers like Biden. Joe can toe the Chinese demands on trade and accept the decades long enrichment of China at the cost of US which President Trump is pushing a giant break on.

The US President will have a major role in the forthcoming economic blockade of China. This blockade will bring tons of opportunities to the rest of the countries, especially the US. The World has to punish the Chinese communist party by any standards – be it gross negligence by China in curbing of the virus or a deliberate bio-attack on the World. This just can’t go unpunished. Globalisation will have to pivot back to democratic values and the free trade benefits cannot be allowed to enrich brutal regimes like that of China. This election is an opportunity to put China in its place and show that the West cares for each and every life lost with the virus spread and their sacrifice won’t go in waste. And in this move, a strong US President is what the World would want to see leading by example. This upcoming term of the US President is one of the most consequential terms in office, in the White House, in the World history, a water-shed moment.

Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah
A South-Asia Security & Foreign Policy Analyst, PhD scholar and Past Academic & Research Associate of IIM Ahmedabad. Follow his twitter handle @ankitatIIMA.


  1. Trunicle triumphs again by publishing this latest analysis of American politics . Just imagine the Biden-Harris duumvirate governing mighty US of A!
    The walking forgetful and the grinning zombie smile wherein Truth will be replaced by Untruth the Law overshadowed by the Unlawful the wealth creators replaced by the blood suckers


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