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Bengal is land of King Shashanka and Pala Dynasty, not the land of Siraj ud-Daulah and Raja Ganesh, who allowed his son to convert to Islam to save his kingdom


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The story of West Bengal reminds of a tiger cub named “Kaalchakra,” who was separated from his parents after he had been kidnapped by a poacher in Sunderbans. After many years of constant search, Kaalchakra’s parents found him in a Zoo doing antics entertaining audiences, as he was raised by the hunter in the zoo. When his parents reminded Kaalchakra that he was a tiger—who was born to hunt in a jungle—not to perform antics to amuse audiences and hunter, Kaalchakra growled at his parents and clawed them. Kaalchakra’s parents tried hard to explain it that the same hunter had come to Sunderbans to kill them long back. When hunter failed to catch and kill the tiger couple, he kidnapped their new born Kaalchakra. They tried hard to convince their child, but all in vain. However, Kaalchakra didn’t listen to his parents, and continued to please audiences and his master, the hunter.  

Here, Kaalchakra is West Bengal’s self-proclaimed intellectuals, who howl, if they are reminded they belong to the land, where spiritual geniuses like Swami Vivekananda and great saint Ramkrishna Paramhans were born. The intellectual class of West Bengal scratches, when they are reminded Noakhali Riots—in which Hindus had been abducted, raped, massacred and forcefully converted to Islam in Chittagong division of Bengal (Now in Bangladesh) in October – November 1946—and Direct Action Day, also known as Calcutta Killings—which was naked dance of death and destruction after nationwide violence call by Muhammad Ali Jinnah in August 1946. 

Living in denial, the Bengali elite class mock and humiliate those who remind  them that Bengalis are not descendants of Siral-ud-Daulah, like hunter was not procreator of Kaalchakra. When hunter failed to wipe out the glorious history of Bengal, they successfully brainwashed Bengalis like Kaalchakra, disconnecting them from their glorious past and roots. Self-proclaimed Bengali intellectuals are still dancing at the tunes of the hunter and India is trying hard to explain the history. 

The name of Bengal or Bangla was derived from the ancient kingdom of Vanga, or Banga, whose history was almost obscure till 3rd century BC. First prominent king of ancient Bengal was Shashanka, who belonged to Gauda Kingdom. He ruled Bengal from 590 AD to 625 AD. His capital was at Karnasuvarna, now Murshidabad in West Bengal. Mention of Shashanka was found in a seal matrix—in which he was referred to as a Mahasamanta—in the Rohtas Fort in Bihar, as historians conclude he was from Magadha. Bengal’s development is attributed to Shashanka. 

After a period of anarchy since death of Shashanka, the Pala Dynasty, who followed Mahayana schools of Buddhism and Shaivism, ruled Bengal for 400 years from 8th to 12th century. Buddhism was established in Tibet through missionaries from Pala dynasty. Rule of Pala dynasty was termed as glorious chapter in the history of Bengal. In the history of Pala Dynasty, Dharmapala—who ruled from 781 AD to 821 AD—was considered to be a great conqueror. During his reign Pala Empire extended beyond Bengal and Bihar to the region of Kanauj. His son and successor Devapala—who ruled Bengal from 821 AD to 861 AD—followed his father’s footsteps by maintaining his aggressive policy. The reign of father son duo Dharmapala and Devapala were said to be golden period of Bengal. 

After fall of Pala Dynasty, it was Sena Dynasty, which was founded by Samanta Sena, ruled Bengal through 11th and 12th century from 1070 AD to 1230 AD. The Sena dynasty was known for its architect. Dhakeshwari Temple, which is now in Dhaka, was built by Sena Dynasty. After Sena Dynasty, it was Deva Dynasty, which ruled Bengal from 12th to 13th centuries. Deva Dynasty was said to be the last Hindu Dynasty in Bengal. 

During 12th century, Islam made its first appearance in Bengal. When an Islamic ruler conquered a Hindu Kingdom in military confrontation, he was not satisfied with his victory. But, he launched another attack to wipe out Hindu civilizations with a goal to establish Islam. he destroyed Hindu temples to erect mosques, prohibit local festivals from being celebrated and convert indigenous people forcefully. 

The biggest crime Left leaning historians committed was they not only glorified the blood thirsty, illiterate tyrant, Islamic invaders in history text books, but they covered up unspeakable amount of brutality and persecution committed on natives during destruction of temples, heritages of knowledge and during forceful conversions. The enormous injustice the Left leaning historians inflicted on Indian psyche was they projected Islamic invaders as heroes, while they depicted indigenous victim Hindus as perpetrators. 

Sketch of Raja Ganesha, whose son converted to Islam. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Corruption in Bengal began with Ganesha Dynasty, which was founded by Raja Ganesha in 1414 AD. To escape imminent threat of invasion, Raja Ganesha agreed his son to convert to Islam by Muslim holy man Qutb al Alam. Therefore, Raja Ganesha’s son, Jadu, converted to Islam and became Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah. 

Instead of fighting like a warrior on battlefield, Raja Ganesha compromised his character and his integrity. Instead of offering his life to protect his motherland, Raja Ganesha sacrificed his Dharma. What a coward and corrupt character Raja Ganesha was! 

Other kings of Ganesha  Dynasty were Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah, and Shamsuddin Ahmad, who were born as Hindus but converted to Islam. Ganesha Dynasty reminds Bengal’s contemporary Chief Ministers, who sacrifice their Dharma to win vote bank. 

Would Kaalchakra ever remember he was a lion to hunt in a jungle, not to dance at the tune of hunter? Would self-proclaimed elites in Bengal ever remember Islamic invaders are not their ancestors, but they are persecutors?


  1. Very informative and a timely reminder to the intellectual elites of Bengal that it is time for Bengal to reclaim it’s lost glory

  2. Thanks for this great article, which will help us explain to our children, the great injustice inflicted upon our Hindu culture by the psedo sickularists..

  3. Don’t know when bengali will wake up from deep slumber ….These invaders cannot be our idols ,our leaders were Maharaja Rajachakravarti Pratapaditya Rai ,Rani Bhabashankari ,Maharaj Shasanka, Maharaj Ballal Sen ,BhimSen ,

  4. Jadu converted when he was the King.So no way Ganesh could resist him.
    Jadu was honey trapped by a Muslim girl.


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