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Belgium’s Crusade against Radical Islam – Residence permit for controversial Imam withdrawn due to national security threat


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Belgium’s government has upped the ante against the radical Islamist elements and has withdrawn the residence permit of Mohamed Toujgani, the head imam of the Al Khalil mosque in Molenbeek, the largest mosque in the country.

Mohamed Toujgani is a highly radicalized imam and he has openly called to burn Jews, his controversial video was surfaced in 2019, but his track record speaks for himself. He is known for his adamant opposition to assimilation as he has asked Muslims to not learn french and dutch languages and culture.

Belgium’s secretary of state for asylum and migration, Sammy Mahdi says there were other indications that Imam who is a Moroccan native poses a great threat to national security. Mahdi said, “We want to send a signal: whoever sows hatred, divides our society and poses a threat to our security is not welcome in our country – not today, not in the years to come”.

“In the past, we have given too much leeway to radical preachers. This man was probably the most influential preacher in Belgium. With this decision, we are making a difference and giving a clear signal that we will not tolerate those who divide and threaten our national security.”

Mahdi also stated that “diplomatically this was not the easiest decision but in the interest of our safety the only right one I could take.”

Toujgani does not have Belgian nationality and has been ordered to leave the country. He must comply with an entry ban for the next 10 years, though he has a wife and children in Belgium. The government has already said that the deadline for appeal has already passed, but Toujgani’s lawyer disputes this.

Belgium’s Islamic Invasion Trouble

Belgium is facing an unprecedented communal issue with the increase in its minority population. In recent years we have seen how the integration of Muslims into Belgium culture has become an extremely sensitive issue. With a rapidly growing population of immigrants, Brussels has already become the most multicultural city in Europe. Unfortunately, Muslims are already a majority in many neighborhoods.

After reaching a historic high of 1.1 million residents in early 2010, Brussels is all set to gain another 250,000 people in the next 20 years. The unnatural rise in the immigrant population has led to an increase in the acts of shootings, riots, and prison breaks incidents.

Not many people know that the Brussels district of Molenbeek has a high concentration of Muslim immigrants, who are indulged in several criminal activities. Several terrorists who carried out attacks in Europe came from Molenbeek, including Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who was the mastermind behind the Islamic State (ISIS) attacks in Paris in November of 2015.

Belgium has produced more jihadi fighters, per capita, than any other western or European nation. It has despatched around 520 recruits who joined Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

Belgium is facing a daunting challenge since its protective and defensive policies did not succeed in deterring refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants.

Why do Immigrant Muslims are indulged in Crimes?

In Belgium, most Muslims were migrated from underdeveloped nations as political and economic refugees. These immigrants are still considered as underclass due to their bad socio-economic conditions.

These immigrants often lacked the skills necessary for success in the labor market. This combined with discrimination by the native population has led them to have sub-average economic conditions for Muslims.

Muslims also hesitate from any sort of integration with the natives and local culture. There is a strong perception among the Muslims that Islam is pure religion, and it is incompatible with the evil western values and culture. Islamic teachings have become a roadblock and thwarted any initiative to assimilate Muslims with the local culture.

The radical leaders and religious fanatics take advantage of this situation, they provoke the Muslims against the natives and ask them to commit crimes to enhance their dominance in their areas.

Muslims are being fed with a grossly misleading assertion that Islam is the religion of the sword and that other religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism are religions of peace.

The radicalization of migrant Muslims is taking place in radical mosques, madarsa, during their stay in Islamic countries or through the internet. This is where people like Imam Mohamed Toujgani come into the picture, who not only provoke Muslims in the name of Islam but also push them onto the path of crimes.

Belgium – The ‘First’ Islamic State in Europe?

According to Pew research, Belgium had 7.6% Muslims in 2016, and if we factor in zero migration, then this might become 11.1% by 2050. If we consider medium migration, then it could be expected to rise to 15.1% by 2050. However, if we factor in the current rate of migration of Muslims, then by 2050 Belgium may have 18.2% of the Muslim population and one out of every five Belgians will be a Muslim.

The population of Belgium is growing purely due to Muslim migration, as the fertility rate among native Belgians is quite low. This trend will ensure a drastic decline in the native population. According to the government agencies, later in this century, Belgium will have a majority of people with migrant backgrounds, or we can say the majority of people will be Muslims.

Well, we are not sure if Belgium will become an Islamic state in the future, but they certainly need robust policies to thwart illegal migration and unprecedented demographic change, which may prove too costly in the future.


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