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Ban on Media/Sudarshan or Voice? Supreme Court restrained Sudarshan News on broadcasting “UPSC Jihad”.


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Supreme Court on Tuesday restrained the Sudarshan TV from telecasting the ‘UPSC Jihad’ show after it feels that the show was against the Muslim community. Supreme Court was hearing a petition filed by Jamia Millia Islamia students against the telecast of the show hosted by the channel’s Chief Editor Mr. Suresh Chavhanke, which was initially proposed on August 28, on the ground that there is huge infiltration of Muslim community in UPSC. It is shocking to note that court prima facie found out that the Channel intent was to vilify and disrespect the Muslim community at large without allowing the channel to telecast the entire episode.

In the past, we have seen that when there is a similar issue comes before the Supreme Court, the court always refused to get involve as it feels that the court should refrain it from passing any such type of order which impacts on freedom of speech and expression. There has been a debate in our country since long time about ‘freedom of expression’ but it is unfortunate, when the same freedom of speech is given to a particular community and curtailed of another community who are raising their voice for the betterment.

The show was only a part of ‘investigative journalism’, and there was nothing like any vilification of the Muslim community. It is highly appreciable that how a journalist unearthing foreign funding from different sources which is dangerous for our country. ‘This program was so insidious. Citizens from a particular community who go through the same examinations and get interviewed by the same panel. This also casts aspersions on the UPSC examination. How do we deal with these issues? Can this be tolerated?’, Justice Chandrachud observed. It is absolutely true that ‘freedom of speech and expression is not absolute, it has certain limitation’ but the important point is that the above principle should be applicable for everyone without any impartiality and biasness.


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