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Ballia DM Aditi Singh Officially BANNED Hindu Festivals; Is this a PLOY to turn Hindus against Yogi Adityanath Govt?


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We are witnessing a hard hitting and inconvenient pattern, where every woke liberal, pseudo secular is targeting Hinduism, Hindu Gods and Festivals in a way or the other. Whenever we have any hindu festival, we see a barrage of articles, advertisement, and social media campaigns to defame it. There is a coordinated attack to stop the festival, be it attacking the rituals, be it bringing the environmental impact, or putting some sort of restrictions to curb the feelings of Hindus, they do it all to ridicule Hindus.

In a new instance, the Ballia DM Aditi Singh has imposed Section 144 in the district to curb the Hindus to celebrate their festivals in next 2 months, as this order will remain effective from 15th September till 15th November. District Magistrate Aditi Singh has ordered that no five or more persons will gather together as a group at any public place under the district limits nor take out any procession or stage a dharna nor spread any rumor which will adversely affect the law and order situation and peace in the area.

The section 144 has been imposed in view of festivals in the district. We have Vishwakarma Puja celebration on 17th September, Anant Chaturdashi on 19th September, the festival of Chahallum on 28th September. Also, the festival of Navratri will begin on 7th October, Mahanavami on 14th October and Dussehra Vijay Dashami on 15th October, Barawafat on 19th October and Deepawali on 4th November, Govardhan Puja on 5th November, Bhaiya Dooj/Chitragupta Jayanti will be celebrated on 6th November and Chhath Puja on 10th November.

Tweet Credit – Prashant Patel Umaro

In view of this, all persons residing and coming and going within the district limits will have to comply with the orders under Section 144, else a stern legal action may be taken against them.

According to the DM’s order, the section 144 will remain imposed in the district for two months, and there will be a ban on many activities. However, in special circumstances, it will be mandatory to obtain prior permission from the competent authority for processions, etc. The ban will not apply to traditional, social or religious rites and customs and friday prayers.

The order further said that, no one will carry any weapons like sticks, sticks, knife spears, much, guns, rifle revolvers, pistols, etc., firearms or other sharp weapons and any kind of explosive substance, nor will anyone be motivated to do so.

No person will be allowed to collect bricks, stones, glass, bottles and glass links, and explosives, etc. inside places, temples, mosques, gurudwaras, religions, roadhouses, or on the roof, nor will it inspire anyone else to do so. No one will put up posters, banners, cutouts, etc., inciting communalism, nor motivate anyone else to do so. Violation of the said order shall be an offense punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

Well, people may ask us, what’s wrong with this order and how this is an attack on Hinduism? Well, logically the decision is making sense, as DM may want to curb the public gathering to prevent corona spread, and people may appreciate her for such a brave step. But, truth is sometimes stranger than the fiction, and same applies here as well, we will let you know how.

The Covid 2nd wave started in April this year, since then we have observed many festivals such as Ramadan begins on April 12, Jamat Ul-Vida (May 07), Friday
Chaand Raat (May 12), Eid-Ul-Fitr (May 13), Eid-Ul-Adha (July 20), Al-Hijra (August 10), Muharram (August 19), but did you hear about any sort of restrictions put in to curb the public gathering?

Also, even in the latest order, the friday prayer is allowed, which attracts the huge gathering on public places. Dont you think this order is not only against the secular ethics of our country, but also against the very constitution, which treats every religion at par?

Currently the Corona is under control, except Kerala and Maharashtra, and still the DM has put these orders for entire 2 months, the months of Hindu festivals. Whereas the similar orders were not given during Eid and Ramadan, the festivals fall when the nation was witnessing massive surge in the corona cases. Do you see any logical justification for the same? Why would some sane person will take such partial decision?

Why UP Government is allowing such partisan Order?

Here it is shocking to see that Uttar Pradesh government is yet to take any cognizance of this order, as it seems the DM has taken this order without consulting with the state government. No other district has taken such order till now, it is only Ballia where such a partisan order has been taken and being implemented.

Who is DM Aditi Singh?

Aditi Singh is the DM os Ballia aan she is the wife of tainted IAS Abhishek Prakash. If you remember, he is the same IAS against whom the UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered an inquiry. He is accused of buying 700 bighas of land, stealing stamp duty.

A former MP Virendra Singh had lodged a complaint with the DoPT with evidence against IAS Abhishek Prakash. IAS Abhishek Prakash has been accused of stealing illegal property, stamp duty. The DoPT sent a letter of inquiry against Abhishek Prakash to the state government. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered an inquiry against IAS officer Abhishek Prakash after the letter came in.

Apart from the Aditi Singh is a known left and Lutyen leaning person. We are not saying this, one can easily see this on Aditi Singh’s twitter handle, where she likes and retweets the messages of various leftists and Lutyen agents like Barkha Dutt.

Tweet Credit – Aditi Singh

Here we have another one

Tweet Credit – Aditi Singh

We feel, this is Aditi singh’s ploy to give a bad name to the Yogi Adityanath’s government just before the UP Assembly elections. She has unilaterally taken this decision, without keeping the UP government in loop, and such decisions will certainly struck the wrong chord with Hindus and may create a negative sentiments against the UP Government.

We suggest UP government and the concerned authorities to take a cognizance on this highly partial order and take appropriate action to struck it down to prevent a potential resentment among Hindus.


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