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Bairagi Naga Sadhu, Karunesh Shukla, who became a lawyer to achieve the dream of a billion Hindus for Ram Mandir


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Construction of the Ram temple is a dream come true for a billion Hindus across the globe. But, can a ‘Naga Sadhu’ be so dedicated that he study Law to fight legal battle in Supreme Court to reclaim the glory, honour and heritage of God Ram? Meet 30 years old Karunesh Shukla, a Bairagi Naga Sadhu, who knew the battlefield was not Kurukshetra but it was Supreme Court, where unending wait of Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case had been going on since ages. Karunesh Shukla also knew the weapons to fight battle is not ‘bow and arrow’ and sword but, Degree of L.L.B., Bachelor of Legislative Law, when he was a teenage boy in school.

Born in a religious family in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh in 1991, Karunesh Shukla was taught to be true to Dharma right from his childhood. As a child, he was sent to live in the Ashram in Ayodhya, where he was initiated as Bairagi Naga Sadhu by ‘Mahant Dharam Das’ of Nirvani Ani Akhara. This is how Karunesh became Bairagi Naga Sadhu at early age. A Sadhu has renounced the world doesn’t mean he would survive on alms. Sadhus are warriors to protect Dharma and culture of the land. Every Sadhu from different Akharas is asked to complete his studies if he is initiated as a child.

During his studies in high school, he received initiation from Siddha Peeth, Hanuman Gadhi, and continued to be engrossed in the service of the temple and his Guru, Mahant Dharam Das. While living as celibate (Brahmachari), Karunesh Shukla deeply studied Ramcharitamanas for three years under guidance of Shri Ram Mangal Das Ji Maharaj. Also, he got education about Vedant, Geet Govind and Bhaktmal from Panchmukhi Hanuman temple in Ayodhya. Karunesh Shukla became engaging narrator of Ramcharitamanas and other Hindu scriptures. Bairagi Naga Sadhu, Karunesh Shukla, who was narrating Ramcharitamanas to huge number of audiences was disturbed because of unending ongoing wait of Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case in Supreme Court. And he told his disturbed mental condition to his Guru Mahant Dharam Das, who was equally frustrated with no development in the case Supreme Court then. His Guru Mahant Dharam Das sent Karunesh Shukla to Kanpur to get his admission done in Dayanand College of Law.

Was completing L.L.B. enough to get membership in Supreme Court Bar Association? No. Karunesh Shukla, the Bairagi Naga Sadhu worked as intern with ‘Indresh Pathak’ in District Court in Kanpur, while he was still doing L.L.B. Next, he joined S.K. Attorneys in Delhi High Court. Finally, Karunesh Shukla got membership of Supreme Court Bar Association in 2016 after he worked with Monica Gosain.

Karunesh Shukla represented Mahant Dharam Das, a primary litigant of Nirvani Ani Akhara, which demanded the right of worship and management at the birthplace of God Ramlala. Nirvani Ani Akhara claimed Mahant Abhiram Das of Nirvani Ani Akhara was a priest in 1940. He was also accused in an FIR lodged for placing idols under the central dome of the disputed site.

What was heartwarming was Mahant Dharam Das didn’t have to rely upon a lawyer from outside. Neither he was forced to deal with manipulative media as his disciple Karunesh Shukla was representing him and giving Mahant Dharam Das updates on daily basis when development started taking place in Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case. Bairagi Naga Sadhu Karunesh Shukla with other battery of lawyers worked day and night to restrengthen the case till judgement was rendered. Nirvani Ani Akhara is quite satisfied with judgement which ordered formation of trust to take care of Ram Temple.

Bairagi Naga Sadhu, Karunesh Shukla’s battle to reclaim the glory of God Ram reached its destination. Is he going back to his Ashram Nirvani Ani Akhara? No. Karunesh Shukla as Bairagi Naga Sadhu has renounced the world, but has not abandoned his duties for society. Karunesh Shukla saved 50-60 Hindu women from the clutches of Love Jihad. Not only he fought their legal battle free of cost, but he rehabilitated them from his own pocket. This article was published in Hindi. Link is below.

Bairagi Naga Sadhus are those Sadhus, who have renounced the world, but have not left their duties towards society, nation and Dharma. They are selfless warriors of society.

Jai Hind


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