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Ayyappa pilgrims were served tea and juice along with toilet water at Abdul Shehim’s shop.


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In a disheartening incident at Erumeli, a town renowned for its significance in the Ayyappa pilgrimage route to Sabarimala, a controversy has arisen due to the alleged serving of refreshments—tea and juice—made with water sourced from a toilet at a shop owned by Abdul Shehim, a member of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI). The incident has sparked outrage and raised concerns about hygiene and the well-being of pilgrims embarking on their spiritual journey.

The Ayyappa pilgrimage, a revered tradition for millions of devotees, symbolizes a sacred and arduous journey to the Sabarimala temple. Erumeli serves as a crucial stopover point, offering respite and sustenance to pilgrims as they progress on their expedition. However, the recent revelation of refreshments being prepared with water allegedly drawn from a toilet has deeply shocked and disturbed the pilgrim community.

Abdul Shehim, the proprietor of the shop, faces severe scrutiny and backlash for this appalling act, which blatantly disregards basic hygiene standards and exhibits a lack of concern for the health and safety of devotees. The utilization of water from unsanitary sources not only violates fundamental health norms but also undermines the sanctity of the pilgrimage experience, potentially jeopardizing the well-being of those partaking in this spiritual journey.

The DYFI, to which Shehim belongs, is also under intense scrutiny, as the incident has raised questions about the ethical conduct and responsibilities of its members. There are demands for a thorough investigation into the matter, seeking accountability and strict actions against those found guilty of this reprehensible act.

The controversy has sparked widespread condemnation and triggered calls for improved oversight and regulation of facilities catering to pilgrims along the Ayyappa pilgrimage route. There’s a pressing need for stricter adherence to hygiene standards, ensuring that pilgrims are provided with safe and clean refreshments during their pilgrimage, preserving the essence of this sacred tradition.(pic credit by opindia)


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