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Sangeeta is a Motivational Speaker, Relationship Management coach, Personality development Trainer and a Meditation Practitioner. Sangeeta believes that each person has a special quality and with proper guidance and polishing one can achieve success in life. Sangeeta is a go-getter with a never say die attitude. This quality of hers ensures all her training sessions and workshops are dynamic, interactive, result- oriented and add value to an individual. Her consistent pursuit of knowledge inspires and encourages people to realize their entire inner potential and ensures positive transformation in them. Being a commerce graduate with her specialization in Finance and Economics, Sangeeta is fascinated and excited about economical and socio-political atmosphere and take keen interest in understanding and discussing government policies, attend seminars and group discussions. Her liberal and scientific view point on religion and Spirituality is extra ordinary and she has a very clear blend of both traditional and modernized approach to current problems of the society. She was not satisfied with her bachelors and wanted to learn more hence she pursued M.A in science of living and achieved her Masters in flying colors. Not only she is an eloquent speaker but she has also stepped her foot in the field of modelling and acting. Sangeeta is a trained RJ and an excellent story teller and bidirectional communicator which make her unique and at the same time she is an inspiration to many. Her trademark is “Whatever u give, will Multiply and come back to U.”

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