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Ambedkar Movement – A deep-seated conspiracy hatched by Missionaries to dismantle Hinduism


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In India, the world’s largest democracy and a Hindu-majority country, if someone asks you what is the biggest threat to Hindus, most people will say Islamic Jihad. But they forget another terrible danger, and that is the missionary network, which is conspiring to break the Hindu society by misusing the so-called neglected and isolated sections of the Hindu society.

Hindus perhaps become the primary target of the global missionary syndicate, which is willing to use money, media and even false inducements in the process. Such missionaries include well-funded evangelical groups from the west, the Catholic Church, and mainstream Protestant groups from European countries. No doubt they include sincere believers in their faith, but sincere belief in a misguided faith will only mislead others.

Missionaries targets native and indigenous traditions of Hinduism, and this has been their modus-operandi since the early beginnings of Christianity over two thousand years ago. Yet today, many people view these missionary efforts as a thing of the past, as if they were no longer happening – or have somehow become either harmless or perhaps helpful to Hindus, giving them donations and impart education, as happens with any conversion there is nothing to worry about. However, the facts on the ground are completely different.

Missionary attacks on Hinduism while they have changed the tactics since the colonial era in which it relied on brute force extending to genocide. The colonial era also included various levels of educational propaganda and economic benefits for converts, which have been streamlined today.

They have started hiding the religious exclusivity and intolerance under the guise of religious freedom. Evangelical groups are the most vocal, still talking of hell, fire and brimstone, worshiping Hindu demons, and promoting fake miracles in the name of Christ. However, now they have started attacking Hindus by using a new faction of Hindus, called followers of Ambedkarism.

In this video, you will spot some people who are entering the house of a Hindu family and removing the pictures of their deities. These people are threatening them, abusing them and even manhandling them and removing their idols in the most inappropriate way. These people follow Ambedkar ideology and known as Ambedkarites.

In the name of removing Manuwadi ideology, they are forcibly removing pictures of Hindu deities from the houses of Dalits and backward Hindus. It is worth remembering here that these are the same people who hang Ambedkar’s pictures in their homes. They put up Ambedkar’s pictures during any religious practice and even during their marriage ceremonies.

These Ambedkarites usually protest against what they called attempts by fascist forces to impose ‘Manuwad’ by subverting constitutional provisions. Sometimes they set ablaze the copies of the Manusmriti, sometimes they demean the hindu deities in the name of social justice.

They give an example of an incident when Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti in the presence of thousands of people as part of Mahad Satyagraha on December 25 in 1927. It is called that Dr Ambedkar allegedly led the satyagraha against casteism, social inequalities and discrimination for bringing social change and social empowerment.

How Missionaries misused Ambedkarites to create a wedge among Hindus

Missionaries take such incidents as an opportunity. They misguide people who dissociate themselves from Hindu dharma in the name of Ambedkarism and try their best to lure or misguide them to convert them. This indeed an extremely dangerous act of missionaries and Christian mafia as they are using the façade of Amedkarites to attack Hindus.

Removing the hindu deities forcibly is a creative or crooked ways to target and annihilate the Hindu civilization. It is nothing new as we did witness the similar phenomenon in ancient time when Greek civilization was systematically annihilated by destroying the Greek temples and pagan gods and lynching and beheading the priests and learned members of their society.

This dangerous missionary mafia is no less than Islamic jihadis and perhaps even far worse. Missionaries operate in way much professional way, they target the Hinduism in much planned way. They hire the local strongman or influential people from the target community, so that they can control the masses. In the name of Ambedkar movement, they threaten the the innocent Hindus, attack their houses, remove the hindu deities, disrupt their religious ceremonies, all this to dismantle the Hinduism.

Missionaries don’t allow Indian Dalits to find any respite from caste even after conversion

Missionaries promise a better future, better life and better social status past conversion. They misguide the people to embrace Christianity to escape the so called age-old caste oppression of the Hindu social order, but Christianity itself in some places is finding it difficult to shrug off the worst of caste discrimination.

We have seen umpteen instances where the people who were converted to Christianity from the formerly “untouchable” Hindu caste groups known as Dalits are not allowed to bury along with the upper-caste converts. You will be surprised to know that in Tamil Nadu, over 70% of Catholics are Dalit converts, but only four out of 18 bishops are from the Dalit-Christian community.

In many places influential caste groups have lobbied and made sure that only the person belonging to their caste is being appointed as bishop in their diocese. There are many places where Dalit Christians are the majority, but they still don’t get the top job. Even though the archbishop of Tamil Nadu region is a Dalit Christian, he has been unable to improve the situation much for other members of his community in the Church.

We would like to say that Dalit and backward Hindus have to understand this conspiracy, which Ambedkarites are doing with the help of missionaries. Hindus have to understand that they should not change their religion by falling in the trap of these conspirators. These people make promises to you, but even after conversion, they continue to discriminate against Dalits and backward people. In such a situation, why to leave your religion, why to leave your Gods and Goddesses?


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