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Amazon demeans Hinduism once again-puts highly objectionable items showing Hindu Goddesses in a bad light


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Yes, Amazon has done it once again !!

Amazon has a long history of hurting the sentiments of Hindus. It has put rugs and toilet seat covers with pictures of Hindu gods that were available for sale on its US website. Amazon’s Canadian website once spotted selling doormats resembling India’s flag.

The fresh issue is again with Amazon’s UK website, which is selling highly objectionable T-Shirts, showing Hindu Goddess Kali and Sita in a highly demeaning manner. Amazon UK is selling LGBT T-shirts, with a highly objectionable name “Womens Sexy Hindu Goddess Kali & Sita: Hinduism + LGBT V-neck T-Shirt”

If this was not enough, they have added few more sentence in the item description to insult the Hinduism.

  • Blasphemous art has never looked this sexy! Kali is a Hindu goddess. Sita is the consort of the Hindu god Rama.
  • For anyone interested in mythology, Hinduism, gods and goddesses, religion, or sexy art. Use the hashtag #SexyKali and post a picture of yourself wearing this.

Amazon UK Link – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Womens-Sexy-Hindu-Goddess-Kali/dp/B08M5N38PV/?customId=B07KZBV2S8&th=1

This is definitely a deliberate attempt to hurt the sentiments of Hindus. Amazon is a repeated offender in this regard, they have listed such objectionable items before. Once people starts backlash, they just remove the items, but their is no credible action taken by Amazon. Why there is no checks and controls before posting any item on Amazon? Don’t they have sensible people in place who can prevent such controversies?

It seems Amazon is enjoying this innovative way to garner publicity. They put such objectionable items, then people starts visiting their website and make social media posts against then, which in turn help them with some sort of TRPs and visitor traffic.

But isn’t it unfair on the part of Hindus, who have always been at the receiving end and always feel cheated and humiliated? We really unable to understand the objective of these companies, what they will gain by shaming the Hindus, and hurting their sentiments?

We highly condemn this act of Amazon, and we demand an immediate removal of such anti-hindu and objectionable items. At the same time, we want Amazon to make necessary changes in their corporate policies, to prevent such blunders in the future. A legal action should be taken against the Amazon authorities who approve such anti-hindu items at first place.


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