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After the USA’s fall to Islamist Left & Liberals, is Israel the Next in Line?


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We have seen an unprecedented phenomenon in USA, when the entire Left Liberal and Islamist cabal came together and orchestrated a fall of President Donald Trump’s Republican party. Since the new President Biden has taken over, we can see a clear change in the tactics, where ‘selected’ people are getting into administration and other influential position to control the Government.

This has put a dangerous precedent as USA is considered as the most powerful nation in the world, and if the Government is controlled by the Left Liberal Islamist cabal, then it may have some severe repercussions in the future, which may threaten the internal and external security of the USA and several other regions.

Now, after the USA the next country could be Israel, which may fall to the Left-liberal cabal supported by radical Islamists. The recent elections have shown the dangerous trend where The surprising star turn of Mansour Abbas at the center of Israeli politics stems from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s desperate search for parliamentary seats. And it could signal the possible softening of Israel’s long-standing taboo against Jewish parties partnering with Arab parties has approached Mansour Abbas for his desperate search of parliamentary seats to ensure his government stays afloat.

This sudden importance of the Islamist political party could signal the possible softening of Israel’s long-standing taboo against Jewish parties partnering with Arab parties.

Israel is witnessing a strange kind of political instability, where it has undergone four elections in a span of just 2 years. The latest results have been announced on Thursday, and it showed that Netanyahu had again fallen short of securing the majority.

These results confirm that Netanyahu’s Likud party has indeed won the most seats in the Knesset, but the bloc of parties that are certain to support him only won 52 seats, which is 9 less than the number needed for a simple majority. Here the interesting fact is that the opposition party too failed to garner a majority, with a collection of anti-Netanyahu parties securing 57 seats only.

Now both sides are now looking at the four seats won by the United Arab List, which is a small Islamist party led by Mansour Abbas. Normally, the Jewish leaders would keep looking for support, but never before has an independent Arab party been invited to join a governing coalition in the history of Israel’s democratic setup.

Now, this equation has actually created a divide in the Likud party, as a couple of members are ready to have Abbass’s party on board and share the power with them, whereas most of the party members are against this idea of sharing the power with Islamist parties. But, here another catch is, nobody wants to have another election in such a short time and wants to exhaust all the political avenues.

Jere it is important to note that Netanyahu has already broken one important barrier in this election, as he has invited Itamar Ben-Gvir, head of an extremist Jewish party with roots in the overtly racist Kahanist movement, into his coalition and possibly into his cabinet.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu was silent about the talk from his colleagues of linking with the Arab party. Although, he had previously rejected any such development, but according to some political experts, his silence could be considered as a subtle shift in his ideological and political thinking.

On the other hand, Abbas is ready to talk to anyone about a potential alliance. He had a meeting with Yair Lapid, the leader of the anti-Netanyahu factions, and made an interesting statement, which created lot of ripples in Israel’s political arena.

Abbas said that “We’re prepared to hold talks with both sides, with anyone who wants to form a government and considers himself to be a future prime minister. If an offer is received, we’ll sit down and talk.”

Abbas hails from Druze village in northern Israel. He’s one of the 2 million Arab citizens who make up about 20 percent of the country’s population. He is from the descended families that remained in Israel after many Palestinians fled or were forced from their land following Israel’s creation in 1948. Since 2007, he has been heading the United Arab List, a party that is centered on conservative Islamic values.

Any coalition with Arab and Islamist political parties is considered taboo. As per several Israeli political experts, any such coalition will jeopardize the political and strategic standing of Israel. It would put those who want the entire West Bank annexed for Jewish settlement under the same tent as supporters of an independent Palestinian state.

PM Netanyahu would be hostage to both the most extreme right-wing elements and the most extreme left-wing elements, and that will create a big disaster for Israel as a nation.

Historically, Arab parties used to operate outside the coalitions or even the formal opposition coalitions. Neither Jewish or Arab political parties were comfortable with each other due to ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict and religious and ideological difference among them. However, if any such coalition happens, then it will come with a cost, and that could be the fall of Israel to the Islamist and Left Liberal cabal.


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