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Activist Yuvraj raised genuine questions over Hemkunt Foundation, received a barrage of abuses and threats in return


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India is weathering the most lethal and devastating disaster in the decades. COVID has destroyed the economy, public life, and our healthcare infrastructure. Amid such a situation, everyone is coming together and offering whatever help they can provide to the people suffering from this disease.

However, even during such a testing times, we do have people who are trying their best to capitalize on this situation and make moolah out of the miseries of innocent people. This article will provide a heart wrenching truth, that will shatter your faith and believe for sure.

We have recently published an article on Rana Ayyub, that how she is collecting money illegally in the name of the poor and patients. That was just an instance, which shows how few people and organizations are violating all the FCRA and funding norms to earn quick money in the name of help.

The latest name among such organizations is Hemkunt Foundation. If you are not aware of Hemkunt Foundation, then we would like to tell you that this NGO claims to be working to provide oxygen and other relief stuff to the Covid-19 patients in Delhi NCR. This NGO is getting a massive following in recent weeks, many celebrities like Cricket Star Rishabh Pant have donated a huge amount to them so that they can provide adequate help to the needy.

Picture Credit – Hemkunt Foundation

An activist and media consultant from Gujrat, Yuvraj Pokharna has raised some serious questions about the dubious functioning of Hemkunt Foundation.

Yuvraj was appalled with the ongoing situation where “HEMKUNT Foundation” is running lavish promotions and PR campaigns to attract people and amassing millions of rupees. It shares disturbing images and makes people feel guilty about it, so that people get emotional and donate their hard earned money to them.

However, when it comes to the fund accountability and transparency, then Hemkunt Foundation scores a big Zero. Yuvraj has explained many anomalies in the functioning of the Hemkunt Foundation and their dubious ways to dupe the people and collect money for their own use.

Hemkunt Foundation has recently announced their expansion in other states as well, and for that they are again seeking donations from people. Here it is important to note that they are not an FCRA registered organization, and thus this sort of fund collection is not legal in nature. However, fund raisers like Ketto and DonateKart are providing them a platform, where these NGO’s can execute such type pf fund raising campaigns.

Well, back to the topic again, the issue is not only their dubious activities but their aggressive stance against Yuvraj, since he has exposed a lot of anomalies in their functioning. Hemkunt supporters have started targeting Yuvraj and his family, they have started a barrage of abuse and life threats to him, and his only fault was, that he wanted accountability of the functioning and funds given to the Hemkunt Foundation.

Barrage of abuse and threats

Team Trunicle had a long conversation with Yuvraj bout the repercussions he his facing since he published his video on Instagram. Yuvraj was shocked to the core and asking “What wrong I have done by asking them some genuine questions?

He explained how trolls and abusers are after his life since this video has been published. He also asked us to check the comment section of his Instagram, which reflects the amount of gruesome hate few people have shown against him.

Here is a snapshot of his Instagram comment section, which shows what kind of hatred he is facing from trolls and abusers.

Picture credit – Yuvraj’s Instagram account

Few trolls have leaked his personal number on social media, which gave an opportunity to defame and abuse him further. As per Yuvraj, he is receiving huge number of calls on daily basis, and people start threatening him and his family, just because he raised some question on Hemkunt Foundation.

Picture Credit – Yuvraj’s Instagram Account

Here, it is important to understand that Hemkunt promotes it as a savior of humanity and what not, but their supporters are behaving like a unruly mob, who are ready to bulldoze anyone who speaks against Hemkunt Foundation.

Khalistani Elements targeting him

Yuvraj also confirmed that he is getting life threats from few anti-social elements, who are allegedly connected with the Khalistani movement. One such person is Viky Thomas, who published a video where he was openly threatening him for grave consequences. Viky Thomas abused him, his cast and even our Prime Minister, though he deleted that video later.

Viky Thomas usually poses as a Sikh and claims that he has complete faith in Sikhism, however his name suggests something else. This person was also contributed during farmer protest and available at Red Fort on 26th January, when Khalistani led groups captred it and disrespected the Indian Tricolor.

Picture Credit – Viky Thomas Facebook Account

Later on, we found that this abusive troll has close connections with the Congress party and Gandhi Family.

Picture Credit – Viky Thomas Facebook Account

Why Hemkunt Foundation is keeping Quiet?

Amid all this controversy, it is interesting to note that Hemkunt Foundation is keeping quiet and not answering any of the questions raised by Yuraj. he organization which is so vocal on social media platform, is keeping mum on such a controversy is undigestable.

Hemkunt Foundation roped in many PR firms and celebrities to establish its name and image makeover, but such controversies are bound to dent its so called neat and clean image.

Few questions

We are appalled and disturbed by this controversy and we feel that Hemkunt Foundation must come clean on all these controversies, and should instruct their supporters and troll army to not attack any individual, who is raising some genuine questions.

Here we are forced to ask some questions

  1. We live in a democracy, where anyone can question even the PM of the nation, then why an NGO like Hemkunt Foundation is unaccountable?
  2. Why followers and supporters of the Hemkunt Foundation are behaving like an unruly mob?
  3. Why abuses and life threats to an individual, who only wants clarification from Hemkunt Foundation?
  4. Why scores of PR agencies and Celebrities support an NGO, which is not registered under FCRA?
  5. Why such organizations are allowed to collect money in the name of help?
  6. Why there is no transparency of fund allocation and expenses?
  7. Why raising any question against such NGOs considered as an attack on Sikhism?
  8. Why Khalistani elements are out in the open and abusing innocent people?
  9. Why Hemkunt Foundation is running multiple fundraisers in different names?

And above all, we demand that Hemkunt Foundation must come forward and explain its stand on this issue, and should share stats of its fundraising campaigns and expenses as well. We have seen a recent example, where Jignesh Mevani’s NGO accounts were seized, due to their dubious nature of functioning. A similar kind f audit should be conducted on Hemkunt Foundation and several other such dubious organizations, which are amassing a huge amount of money amid such testing times.


  1. As far as I know, CEO of Hemkunt foundation Irinder Singh Aluwaliais a cheat and fraud. He has been found guilty of Cheating and defrauding me by a Trial Court in Chandigarh.


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