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According to an estimate, 17 lakh Afghan refugees living in Pakistan have been forced to leave their decades-old homes.


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Nearly two million Afghan refugees, many of whom have lived in Pakistan for more than 30 years, are being deported. Following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, the Taliban’s initial rise to power in the late 1990s, and most recently, their takeover of the nation in 2021, many of these Afghan refugees arrived in Pakistan.

The idea that Pakistan is returning Afghan refugees who fled the Taliban to their homeland is horrifying, especially because Pakistan was a part of the formation of the extremist Islamist organization. Even while Afghan refugees suffer, the Taliban has now returned to haunt Pakistan.

Pakistan has been a host to Afghan refugees for decades, offering shelter and support to millions who sought refuge from conflict and instability in their homeland. However, recent estimates suggest that approximately 1.7 million Afghan refugees living in Pakistan have been forced to leave their decades-old homes, creating a humanitarian crisis of significant proportions. This article delves into the reasons behind their displacement and the challenges they face in their quest for survival.

Decades of Hospitality

For nearly four decades, Pakistan has been a sanctuary for Afghan refugees. Millions have sought shelter and opportunities in Pakistan to escape the horrors of war and conflict in Afghanistan. Pakistani society has shown remarkable resilience and generosity in hosting these refugees, providing them with basic necessities, education, and healthcare.

The Ongoing Crisis

The forced displacement of Afghan refugees from Pakistan is a result of complex factors, including changes in government policies, security concerns, and international dynamics. The situation escalated when Pakistan implemented more stringent policies in response to security concerns and economic challenges. These policies have made it increasingly difficult for Afghan refugees to sustain their livelihoods and maintain a dignified existence.

Challenges Faced by Afghan Refugees

Lack of Legal Status: Many Afghan refugees in Pakistan lack proper documentation and legal status. This hampers their ability to access essential services, such as education and healthcare, and exposes them to exploitation.

Economic Hardship: The refugees, who have often lived in Pakistan for generations, are now faced with job loss and economic hardship as they are forced to leave their homes and livelihoods behind.

Education for the Youth: Education is a fundamental right, but for many Afghan refugee children, accessing quality education has become increasingly challenging. This threatens their future prospects and perpetuates cycles of poverty.

Healthcare Access: The refugees’ health is also at risk, as they may struggle to access healthcare facilities without proper documentation, leading to potential health crises.

Repatriation Challenges: Returning to Afghanistan is a daunting prospect, given the ongoing conflict and instability in their home country. Many refugees are left with no choice but to live in uncertainty.

International Responsibility

The Afghan refugee crisis is not just Pakistan’s burden; it is a global concern. The international community should step up efforts to provide humanitarian aid and support to both Pakistan and the refugees. This includes financial assistance, advocacy for their rights, and creating pathways for refugees to attain legal status and livelihoods.

The forced displacement of Afghan refugees in Pakistan is a pressing issue that requires immediate attention and international cooperation. These refugees, who have sought shelter in Pakistan for generations, deserve to live in dignity and security. It is crucial for the global community to acknowledge their plight and take collective action to alleviate their suffering and support Pakistan in its efforts to provide for these vulnerable populations. Only through concerted efforts can we ensure a brighter future for the Afghan refugees and their host country, Pakistan.


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