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Cricket, Cinema and Politics are loved beyond imagination in India. The emotional bonding between the supporters or fans and the celebrity is very intense. The stardom creates a different type of attitude among the followers and so-called star itself. Few celebrities start thinking that they have become immune to all the rules and regulations framed as per law of land, only common people need to follow them and they can do whatever they want whether right or wrong, socially or legally. The supporters are attached so emotionally that they support their stars, leaders even in their wrongdoings. They even damage government and private properties, create ruckus on the roads, cause damage to the economic system and even target the investigating agencies. This weird mentality makes the government system, agencies and society vulnerable to the false propaganda created in the name of political witch-hunt.

Latest case is of Aryan Khan, son of Filmstar Shahrukh Khan. Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested him and others in the drug case. If he is innocent, court will acquit him. However few celebrities and political leaders are making this issue as political one and bringing religion into it, targeting NCB officials and blaming central government. Don’t they believe in NCB officials and judicial system?
When a political leader says he is being targeted owing to his religion, how conveniently they twist and forget that many others arrested are non-Muslims as well. Earlier, many non – Muslim celebrities were also interrogated and arrested. Therefore, this weird mentality to cover up just because the accused belongs to renowned family, a particular caste, particular religion or a political party.

Few celebrities and supporters are saying that he is just a child of 23. Are we blind to see our soldiers sacrificing their precious life at this tender age? How can we forget the sacrifice of heroic Bhagat Singh and many other young freedom fighters? Nowadays when youths enjoy their lives, our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to free our nation from Britishers.
I am not saying Aryan Khan is guilty however, targeting agencies and judicial system to create negative pressure is not a right approach. Let law take its course and let the outcome be decided on the basis of evidences. The celebrity status cannot be above law and order. The emotions need to be channelized and discrimination based on legal and social wisdom should prevail. The more we doubt our agencies and system to secure wrongdoings of celebrities; we are actually making them weaker.

Our young generation has been a victim of drug menace since many years, destroying them physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. When our younger generation needs to put effort to bring positive changes in their life and bring about change by being innovative, talented entrepreneur, researchers, business and industry oriented. However, many of our youths are fascinated towards drug industry.
The hard earned money goes to drug mafias from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. They use this money for carrying out terrorist activities in our territory, funding protests, destroying our youths.
Political corruption is one worst thing badly affecting our social and economic growth. Many political leaders have mindset that corruption is natural and they have right to do it and no one has a right to question them. When ED (Enforcement Directorate), Income Tax, CBI(Central Bureau of Investigation) raids them and their relatives, they immediately release a statement in media to show any action as politically motivated even after the concrete evidences, they play victim card. Their supporters without using wisdom, start creating social unrest.
Is this justifiable and right in all aspects? Are we not allowing illegal practices as a part of our life damaging social fabric, strengthening our enemies, trust deficit against system in new generation, making agencies helpless and weak so that they surrender to the celebrities, leaders and ignore the wrongdoings?

India is suffering a lot due to this weird mentality. The corruption is rampant, nation is never a priority for such people, only selfish gains and family is utmost important. Gullible Indians get trapped in this weird thought process and became so pessimistic that even a person with good intentions and working hard for society and country, they see them with doubt and don’t trust. Same issue is happening with many selfless organisations, people question their integrity even though they are doing their best for society and nation.

No one is above our nation and constitution, this attitude will surely make difference in the minds of people. If this kind of attitude is nurtured, then the celebrities, leaders will behave and act like a common Indian. This will overcome corruption, drug menace, illegal practices and weaken enemies.

Pankaj Jayswal
Pankaj Jayswal
Pankaj Jagannath Jayswal, has written more 70 articles/blogs till date in English, Hindi and Marathi. Write 3 to 4 articles every month. I write on Politics, Social, Educational, Environment, Science and technology , History  and spiritual. Authored 3 books as well.


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