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Get beaten if you did not agree with them – A Navy Veteran beaten up by party goons because he dared to share a cartoon.


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What we need now is more youngsters willing to bravely face these people who have an anti-National agenda and set the correct narrative in public.

We have all heard of how the eco-system flourished over the years and how they took over the narrative in news, history, culture and more. They were said to be a law to themselves. In fact, other than what they wanted us to hear, it was almost impossible to get factual news which was not colored. Some examples of this would be the exodus of the Kashmiri Hindus and of the Godhra riots. Harassing Judges, Police officers and other civil servants on duty if they refused to toe the line, was one method of making sure they obeyed, at least till their retirement age.

Time and again, books written by those who were harassed by the erstwhile politicians or those behind the scenes, appeared, exposing how the liberal eco-system was actually illiberal or how a political party controlled all the strings and suffocated other party workers. One book which comes to mind was the one written by Margaret Alva. Unfortunately these books were never marketed well, maybe purposely, and there was little hype associated with the books. Only the most controversial ones were spoken about. Even extremely serious events like the Mumbai blasts and the capture of Kasab did not bring forth a slew of popular books exposing the actual players behind the scenes. I always wondered how powerful these so-called liberals and intellectuals were.

Ever since Narendra Modi became the PM of the Nation, the masks have started peeling off the faces of these ‘intellectuals’ and ‘fascists’ and they are gasping for breath. But they are still quite venomous and they attempt to build anti-Hindu/anti-National and pro-Leftist/pro-Islamic narratives, as is evident from the events that have played out this year. I would like to list out a few events without getting into details and readers are requested to come to a conclusion on their own.

  • The Palghar Sadhus ruthless lynching, with the Police handing over the hapless Sadhus to the mob, being sidelined by almost all National Newspapers (esp. English ones) and TV Channels.
  • The blatant misrule, gold smuggling and love-jihad cases in Kerala being ignored by almost all National Newspapers and TV Channels.
  • The RamJanmabhoomi case being constantly harped as a case of Hindu-Muslim enmity instead of showing it as a case of restoration of National Pride and Heritage.
  • The Abrogation of Article 370 & Sec. 35 and the subsequent vilifying of the Modi Govt as being fascist.
  • The Delhi riots which were a result of careful planning by Tahir Hussain and other Islamic supporters but which were attempted to be whitewashed as riots instigated by Kapil Sharma and carried out by Hindus.
  • The attempt to block the publishing and sale of the book on the untold stories of the above Delhi riots authored by 3 prominent ladies, one of them a lawyer.
  • Refusal to apologize to the highest court of the land, the Supreme court, despite the SC putting a Suo-moto case on Prashant Bhushan for calling the Judges as corrupt. An attempt was made to browbeat Justice Mishra and to show the SC in poor light.
  • Republic News Channel and Arnab Goswami were constantly criticized for bringing up the Palghar Sadhu case in debates and when he took Sonia Gandhi’s maiden name in his show, he was subject to police investigation and grilling.
  • Bringing the Sushant Singh Rajput murder investigation into the public was also decried and Arnab’s team members were subject to incarceration over a frivolous matter.
  • Kangana Ranaut was subject to the vilest of abuses and threats only because she raked up the controversies that the Bollywood Film industry tried hard to hide all these years. Her office was bulldozed because she did not buckle down under pressure.
  • A Navy Veteran was beaten up by party goons because he dared to share a sarcastic cartoon featuring the Shiv Sena leadership.
  • A tweet by a retired IPS officer on the death of Swami Agnivesh, brought about a deluge of tweets hounding the ex-IPS officer only because he put forward his version of the reality of Swami Agnivesh.

It is obvious from the above that if one doesn’t toe the line as drawn by these behind the scene ‘operators’, one would be hounded, vilified, shamed, abused, jailed and maybe even killed. This is how the eco-system flourished because if you couldn’t stand up to all this, you joined them or at least kept quiet about their truth. It did not matter if you were a SC Judge, a Journalist, a top actress, a former-interim Director officer Central Bureau of Investigation, a lawyer, an author, a Sadhu-Sanyasi or even the PM of the country. If you did not agree with them, it meant that your good name and work would be sullied in public perception. This is how they kept building false narratives of the Nation and destroying it from within. If it were not for the win of Narendra Modi in 2014 & 2019 coupled with the Internet, our country would still be a Third world country and a slave to the First world with no hope for redemption.

What we need now is more youngsters willing to bravely face these people who have an anti-National agenda and set the correct narrative in public. True Democracy where it is rule for the people not the Demo-crazy politics of seat-grabbing and rule by the despots, as in some States of Bharat, has to be permanently established in our country. Vande Mataram.


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