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A JEALOUS Dalit student framed a Brahmin Student in a fake SC/ST act and sent him to jail; because he got placed in a renowned IT Campany


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India is a strange nation, here people play the victim cards, misuse laws, and order loopholes to satiate their egos. In a fresh case from Kanpur’s renowned PSIT Engineering College, where a Dalit boy fixed a Brahmin boy Ashutosh Pandey under a fake SC/ST case and send him to jail. Dalit students assaulted a fellow brahmin student because that student was successfully placed in a renowned IT company.

The case pertains to the PSIT Engineering College in the district where these two boys lived in the same hostel room. Meanwhile, there were some issues that cropped up between both of them, which created differences among them. Per some witnesses, there were many heated arguments that did happen between them for some unknown reasons.

As per the sources, the Brahmin student Ashutosh Pandey got a placement in a big IT MNC company and that provoked the Dalit student Hrithik Sonkar, who is already ‘angry’ with some previous matters with Abhishek. Hrithik along with his few friends surrounded Ashutosh Pandey at around 1:30 in the afternoon on 3 March and beat him badly. On knowing about the incident, Ashutosh’s friends also came to the rescue, and a fight occurred between two groups and Hrithik also got many injuries.

After the fighting ended, Ashutosh and his friends went back to college, as they considered it as a usual fight between students. However, Hrithik and his group reached the police station. Where FIR was lodged in SC/ST Act by Hrithik Sonkar and his friend Amit Pal. Here is it also important to note that Hrithik’s alleged aunt and BJP MLA Saroj Sonkar also jumped in the case and under her influence, Abhishek was sent to jail.

BJP legislature said “Ashutosh Pandey is a Brahmin of Vikas Dubey’s gang, and he should be encountered”
MLA from Bahraich Saroj Sonkar, who came to intervene in the case, has been accused of calling for Ashutosh Pandey’s encounter. Ashutosh’s family members accused that BJP MLA had suggested an encounter of their son in front of them. It is said that due to Saroj Sonkar, the police have added section 307 and send Ashutosh behind bars.

Hrithik Sonkar phoned Ashutosh before the incident and threatened to kill him
Before the episode, the audio of Hrithik Sonkar threatening to kill Ashutosh while giving a dirty filthy abuse to his mother sister has gone viral. In which Hrithik has been threatening to get out carefully while giving vulgar abuses to Ashutosh.

Listen to this audio where the accused was threatening him. Its a total misuse of the SC/ST act and it is used to destroy the life of an innocent boy.

In this video, you can see the mother of Ashutosh Pandey, who is crying profusely and asking for help.

The college sources confirmed that Ashutosh is a very bright and intelligent student, and that’s why he was selected on a college campus and received an offer letter from a renowned IT company. He was about to start his corporate life, but this fake SC/ST act has destroyed his life completely, his parents are in a sad state when they see their son going to jail. Most of the college students are shocked and surprised by the way Hrithik misused the SC/ST act to frame his roommate and destroyed his life.

We think this is high time everyone should raise their voice against this injustice and misuse of draconian SC/ST case, where anyone can misuse these laws to destroy the lives of innocent people. If you remember, we have already seen how Vishnu, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in this act and after 20 years of rigorous imprisonment he was found not guilty in that matter. That itself exposes the loopholes in this act, and this should be countered with tooth and nail.


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