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2500 Dalits become Priests, VHP’s massive efforts to unite Hindus fructifies


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Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is one of the most prominent Pro-Hindu organizations in the World. The Pseudo Secular and Liberal Cabal are always after VHP and they call it an extremist outfit. They accuse VHP of fanning the hatred between Hindus and Muslims and at the same time they call VHP a supremacist organization, which endorses only the higher casts. However the truth is exactly opposite, in this article, we will present some myth busters and some works of VHP, which may help you understand the VHP in the right perspective.

Contrary to the propaganda spread by Secular and Liberal Jamaat, the VHP is working day and night to eradicate the caste discrimination amongst Hindis and it’s not a mere chest-thumping, the results are quite evident now.

The VHP has been running a pious movement of making the Dalit Priests and it has been succeeded in making five thousand Dalits Priests to date. It is VHP, whose efforts have made a strategic shift and now many priests are joining the panel of temples operated under government supervision. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad says that this campaign is going on in the direction of social harmony.

VHP aiming the new territory, South India
Southern India has been the forefront of Hindutva for ages, however, in recent decades, Missionaries and Middle east sponsored Islam has made encroachment. These missionaries and Jihadi elements are luring the innocent Hindus and converting them to Christianity and Islam, they propagate that in Hinduism, the Priests can’t be from Dalit or Lower cast, and this is one of the biggest reason behind the ever-growing resentment in several factions of Hindus. VHP took the challenge and started working to eradicate these evil practices of illegal and immoral conversions.

VHP’s campaign has been a massive success in South India. It was VHP’s continuous efforts that have turned the tide and now we have more than 2500 Dalit priests only in Tamilnadu. The VHP has prepared more than 5 thousand Dalit priests in different states in India.

VHP trains and certifies the Priests
VHP’s 2 internal departments, ‘Archak Purohit Department’ and ‘Social Harmony Department’ run a dedicated program to train and Dalit Priests and teach them the method of worshiping Hindu Gods with full tradition and culture. VHP also conducts an assessment, and upon clearing that assessment, it provides a certification to the Priests. Dalit priests received certificates from Tirupati Balaji Temple in Andhra Pradesh after fulfilling all the religious practices and rituals as per our religious scriptures.

VHP wants a dalit priest for Ram temple in Ayodhya

VHP didn’t stop here, It demanded that a Dalit Priest should be appointed in the proposed Ram Mandir to set an example for all Hindus, that we all are together and every section of Hindus have equal standing and we all are united in every endeavor.

VHP is running many programs to eradicate the evils inside Hinduism

VHP was established in 1964, and since day-1, it has been working to eradicate the evils inside Hinduism. In 1969’s Parliament of Religions which was organized in Udupi, Karnataka, VHP tool a resolve to remove untouchability. Al the senior Saints propagated the message of ‘No Hindu Patito Bhavet’ to the country. Which meant that all Hindus are brothers, no Dalits. This move was aimed to iron out the differences within several castes of Hinduism.

The VHP is also putting its efforts to spread its programs like ‘Hindu Mitra Parivar Yojana’ and ‘One temple, one well, one cremation-only then will be Bharat Mahan’. These programs are conceived by VHP to bring all the different castes together, and to ensure they all stay connected with their roots. 

Ram Mandir movement, VHP’s biggest social harmony push
We don’t know if people are aware of this amazing fact, that it was VHP, which gave an opportunity to lay down the foundation stone of the Ram temple to a Dalit Kameshwar Chaupal, way back in November 1989. It was indeed a huge message of social harmony at that troubled time when the entire Nation was burning due to the Mandal Commission issue. Mr. Kameshwar Chaupal has also been given a place in the trust set up for the construction of Ram Mandir.

Proving its credentials, the VHP officials and saints went to the Dome Parliament to invite Dome Raja in 1994, this was a big step to bring Dalits into the mainstream. VHP Leadership had also received Prasad at the house of Dom Raja.

VHP running multiple programs to uplift Hindus and help our society

VHP runs multiple Vocational pieces of training for Hindus, where VHP engages Experts and imparts the knowledge of farming techniques, agriculture, horticultural, bee-keeping techniques, animal husbandry, and sewing to fellow Hindus. IT has more than 950 training centres across the country.

VHP currently runs more than 3200 educations facilities, which help millions of Hindus who can’t afford costly educations. VHP also runs massive Social welfare programs, it has close to 50 orphanages in the entire Nation, several marriage bureaus for Hindus, temples, hostels for poor and working women. VHP is also very active in environmental causes and has planted many millions of trees to date.

VHP also provides medical and first aid training to people in towns and villages, so that people can at least conduct the first aid, which is quite helpful in saving thousands of lives. VHP conducts regular Medical health checkup camps and vaccination camps, that too free of cost, so that poor and marginalized Hindus could avail those facilities.

VHP also offers rescue services during natural calamities. Be it Jammu and Kashmir floods, Tsunami in Tamilnadu, earthquake in Gujrat, or massive floods in Utreakhand, VHP was available on the ground and helping thousands of people


There is a famous saying, that ‘Not all Heroes wear capes’, this suits VHP very well. They are unsung heroes who are always up in arms against any challenge in front of Hindus. VHP is fighting tooth and nails against the enemies of Hinduism, at the same time it is indulged in multiple activities to uplift the Hindus and supporting poor and marginalized Hindus, who have been deprived of their basic rights since ages.

VHP is not a mere Hindu Organization, it is an emotion, a massive movement, which is giving directions to our society, and working tirelessly for the welfare of Hindus. Team Trunicle salutes the VHP and we wish them very best for all their future endeavors.



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