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Would Pakistan and Turkey accept Muslim immigrants from other countries settled in France or continue to do only lip job to boycott French products?


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How do you define absolute hypocrisy? 

Self proclaimed custodians of Islam like Imran Khan and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are seething with rage to counter Islamophobia in non-Muslim countries specially in Western states, causing concern amongst Muslims, but none of the two leaders would give shelters to Muslim refugees settled in France, in their respective countries, Pakistan and Turkey.

Imran Khan happens to be prime minister of a failed state, Pakistan, where 7 students were killed and several others got injured in a bomb blast at Madrassa In Peshawar two days ago on 27 October. A prime minister, who can not protect his country’s students on his own soil, is projecting himself as saviours of Muslims in non Muslim states. Irony died thousand deaths.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, president of troubled Turkey, is an aspiring Caliph, who thinks himself to be the rightful heir of the former Ottoman caliphate, which had been abolished in 1924 by the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. It is no secret Erdoğan is projecting himself as saviours of Muslims to fulfil his dream of becoming Islamic Caliphate under his rule. 

Does a French deserved to be butchered by a Muslim immigrant? 

Pakistan and Turkey were enjoying beheading of Samuel Paty—the 47-year old history teacher, whose head was severed by an 18-year-old Abdoulakh outside his school on 16 October—with popcorn. But, the moment France vowed to crackdown radical Islamists on its soil, Imran Khan and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan exploded into a rage as if a French, Samuel Paty was supposed to be beheaded by a Muslim, who was given shelter as 10-year residency in France. 

Would Pakistan and Turkey give shelters to Muslim refugees in their countries besides ranting to boycott French products? 

The question arises why Muslim refugees go to Europe and other non Muslim states to enjoy better standards of life and liberal culture. Shouldn’t Muslim refugees prefer to go to another Muslim countries, which have similar faith, identical language, culture and way of life? A Muslim refugee,  Abdoulakh, reaches France begging for shelter. After France grants him 10-year residency, Abdoulakh beheaded Samuel Paty since he belongs to a liberal society. A migrant bit the hand that fed him.  

Pakistan, Turkey and other Muslim states are calling for boycott of French products, since their religious sentiments are hurt. Why don’t these countries give shelters to their Muslim brothers in their own countries?

Self proclaimed custodian of Islam Imran Khan and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan don’t care persecution and genocide of Uighur Muslims by China. Why? 

Persecution of Uighur Muslims in China was brought to attention even in United Nation. They are not allowed to grow bear, to pray in public and to call someone overseas. If they happen to commit any of such mistakes, they are sent to internment camps in the Xinjiang region of China. In the month of August this year, a public toilet was built on the site of a demolished mosque in Atush city in northwest China’s Xinjiang province to demoralise and humiliate Uyghur Muslims. Campaign for Uyghurs (CFU) explains Uyghurs Muslims are facing an active genocide because of their race and religious beliefs. China didn’t hesitate to declare Islam a mental illness and something that needs to be “cured.” What is appalling no Islamic leader even raise his voice for persecuted Uyghur Muslims to question China.

India didn’t do only lip job to save persecuted Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddh even Christians in Islamic countries Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, but, passed CAA to rehabilitate them. 

Pakistan brutally persecuted its minorities Hindu, Sikhs, also Muslims of other sects, who do not subscribe to the Sunni faith. India’s national capital New Delhi, and its neighbouring states Haryana and Rajasthan have uncountable refugee camps full of Hindu and Sikh refugees who fled from Pakistan. Also, on 12 September, tens of thousands of anti Shia Muslim protestors rallied in Karachi to shout anti Shia slogans calling them Kafir. 

Instead of doing mere lip job, India passed CAA to provide citizenship to persecuted minorities of Pakistan. Would Pakistan and Turkey would pass such law to accept Muslim refugees besides doing lip jobs?  

France didn’t wage a war against Islam. France vowed to crackdown on radical Islamists, who are bleeding its soil. That is why Saudi Arabia, where Islam was founded, didn’t rush to demand action against France. But radical Muslims in Turkey and Pakistan even in India are up in arms against France. 


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