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Why likes of Rana Ayyub, Arfa Khanum, and Richa Chadha play Victim Card to tarnish image of India on global Platform?


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Rana Ayyub, a controversial islamist and alleged journalist writing for US media, has called for shifting global attention to media freedom in India as she spoke at a UNESCO-sponsored event at the world body.

“It is important for the world to shift its attention to India because we do not really talk about India as much and I really hope you do that in the days to come,” she said on Tuesday questioning New Delhi’s democratic credentials and its press freedom at the conference held on the eve of the World Press Freedom Day in the General Assembly chamber.

“When we talk about attacks in the press, we normally never look at India as much because India is seen as this place of democracy, you know, syncretic values and cultural pluralism.”

She claimed that she was facing “legal warfare” through charges of money laundering and tax evasion and cases of defamation for her work as a journalist going back to an undercover assignment where she said she wore “eight cameras on my body” posing as a “Hindu nationalist”.

On April 13, propaganda website journalist, Arfa Khanum shared a Tweet stating she will be speaking at Stanford University about ‘Understanding the downslide of India’s democracy, Declining press freedom and erosion of minority rights’.

Arfa, even after being a staunch Anti-Hindu and someone who always engages in Anti-India talks, is allowed to speak and carry on her journalism in India and around the world, claims that there is declining democracy in India. She is talking about minority rights when the government is bringing laws to give new definitions to the lives of Muslim women. Be it the ‘Triple Talaq’ or the equal property law, demands on Uniform Civil Code, are also lined up.

Arfa Khanum remains always busy in propagating how minorities are oppressed in India and the rising intolerance.

Hope you remember, how Richa Chadha mocked the 20 soldiers, who were killed in action during the 2020 Galwan Valley clash with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), news portals from Pakistan have extended support to the Bollywood actress.

On November 25, Pakistan’s HUM News wrote a propaganda piece wherein it hailed Chadha for ‘showing the mirror’ to the Indian army about its assertion of taking control of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir.

Richa Chadha had mocked the death of the Indian soldiers in Galwan as a supposed ‘testimony’ of the Indian army’s lack of might in dealing with Pakistan, a move that is now being applauded by the likes of Hum News. Here Richa gave a god send opportunity to Pakistani media to hammer Indian government and Indian Army and paddle their nefarious propaganda.

Notably, due to the shoddy and nefarious journalism by the people mentioned above, India’s image takes a massive hit and Indians face lot of discrimination abroad. For instance take former Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson, Nupur Sharma, Hindutva speaker Kajal Hindustani and even YouTuber turned Journalist Manish Kashyap from Bihar, they all have cases against them and are facing threats to their lives.

Ironically, those passing the threats and raising slogans against them on the streets are Islamists only. Nupur Sharma was forced to step down from the post, and many supporting her Kanhaiya Lal, Kishan Bharwad, Umesh Kolhe etc, have been killed. There are visuals and clips supporting the fact that these murders belonged to the minority community only.

Recently, there have been attacks and acts of vandalism following the Ram Navami Shobha Yatra, in West Bengal, Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the country. The visuals show those creating vandalism and arson are Islamists only.

It is quite clear how these so called journalists and actresses are peddling lies and creating a wrong impression about India and its social fabric. They are trying their best to demean India and Hindu’s image, which many a times create issues for Indians living abroad. This must stop now !


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