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Why Indians are ashamed of using Vedic Hindi (Devnagiri) as their primary language?


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There have been many researches and chain of causes which determined the negligible use of Hindi in India. The ‘Hindi’ here means the vedic linguistic which takes its validity from Sanskrit. The origin of the words spoken in Hindi were originally were from Sankrit. The cultural domination also impacted the language and ended up contaminating the language into a mix breed vocabulary. The Hindi has become Arabised and Urduised that made the Sanskritised disappear.

The derivative part can be understood through the epistemological origin of each language spoken across the nation. Whether Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam or Hindi, still there is a great deal underneath the parlances. In order to understand the paradigm shift of the language, an individual has to go through the history of 1000 years. It was bound to happen due to the course of invasion and cultural intermingling that languages got infused in each other. But the bitter truth is the origin that of Sanskrit is left unrecognised.

Sanskrit however, is alive yet unlike Latin. The use of Sanskrit can possibly elevate and civilise our discourse. Hindi is not a national language yet there’s a need to decontaminate the narrative attached to the language. The narrative that professes the need of oust the Hindi language in present discourse. In the present discourses the narration are being conveyed through introducing the English language with the typically spoken Hindi. In reality, the major part of the language have been wilfully ignored in order to elevate the social status.

The language has been replace by other languages, be it in a restaurant, or academic discourse. Here Sanskrit and Hindi can be used interchangeably, as the purported argument is to use a unifying structure of both languages. Sanskrit is known to be the oldest written and spoken language of ancient civilization. The language is backed by evidences that it supports mathematical calculations while determining the space and science structure.

The civilizational deracination is also responsible for this denial of having Sanskrit and Hindi language. However, if the status of current generation would be considered then it can be inferred that the consistency of English and Urdu prevail over Hindu. The use of contrary language would assist them to coordinate with the people.

British and civilizational language:

The written document and linguistic proficiency were replace by Britishers through introduction of English as the language of administration and to associate the foreign reach. Britishers were persistent in using their language and imposing as well on Indians. The effect is apposite as now it is considered in any school or universities to be upfront with English to achieve any specific domain.


The fact that the majority of tribal people have begun to use Devanagari as their script is one of the new defences. Before beginning the second stage of Sanskritization and cultural Hinduization of the tribes, the devanagarization of the tribal scripts is vigorously popularised. In fact, several indigenous languages of Northern India are already extinct or are in the process of extinction due to this type of linguistic colonisation. For instance, according to the 2011 language census, 31% of the population of Bihar speaks bhojpuri, and another 25% speaks mahi. Hindi is only spoken by 21%. But neither Maghi nor Bhojpuri is a Schedule 8 language. However, only Schedule 8 languages were counted in the linguistic census!

As a result, all of these speakers whose native tongues are not specified in Schedule 8 adopt Hindi as their mother tongue during the linguistic census. The irony is that while Bhojpuri is spoken by around 2 crore people, Sanskrit, which is only recorded as being spoken by 25,00, is not included in the eighth schedule. Some observers have also noted that when conducting the linguistic census, participants were asked if they knew Hindi rather than if it was their mother tongue. This is the secret to Hindi becoming the most widely spoken language in this nation. Languages in the country have already been eradicated by this process of “nation building and national integration,” claims linguist and scholar GN Devy.

Still, the Unified Indian Nation celebrates this linguistic extermination as a cultural triumph.


  1. beautiful article highlighting the need of reinstating our ancient language and script viz. Sanskrit as language and Devnagari as script Sanskrit is not a mere language it’s the cultural cradle of Bharat we cannot imagine Bharat without Sanskrit moreover it is utmost need for our Sanskriti Vande Mataram


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