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Why Hindus are soft target for enemies of the Nation ?


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Hinduism, unlike the Abrahamic religions, is not an organized religion and was not founded by anybody. It has existed with the advent of civilization in this part of the world – The Indus Valley Civilization is one of the four oldest civilizations of the world that came into existence around 5000 years ago (some historians believe that it came into existence around 8000 years ago). Though a few left-inclined historians, who propagate the Aryan invasion theory, believe that the birth of Hinduism in the Indian subcontinent occurred with the arrival of Aryans, it is, by now, well known that no such invasion occurred. Hence, there is no denying the fact that the dawn of Hinduism occurred in the Indian subcontinent with the growth of a civilization here.
Civilization naturally brings forth the growth and excellence in academia, science & technology, creativity and a refined way of life. Hence, it is obvious that the above attributes were intrinsic to Hinduism which made Hinduism a progressive, scientific and flexible religion which again is all inclusive. It neither denounces other cultural/religious practices nor does it preach e forceful submission to the faith failing which the defiant individual has to be executed. On the contrary it is open to reforms and includes the best of all other practices within itself.

The Hindu texts – The Vedas, Purans, Upanishads and the epics , the Ramayan and the Mahabharat reflect the India’s traditional excellence in various indices of development. India is the birth place of Yoga, Ayurved , whose founding father is Charaka, of zero , invented by the ancient mathematician , Aryabhatta and even plastic surgery , with the ancient sage , Sushruta gaining the credit for the same. The key to India’s emergence as a major world power in the various spheres of science and technology, medicine , literature, fine and performing arts and economics lies in it’s ancient sanatani heritage. Hence, the best way to stall the progress of the world’s oldest surviving civilization is to wipe out that very link to India’s vast treasury of knowledge and intellect that is imbibed in it’s sanatani culture – that link is the regard for that very sanatani culture , the regard for the world’s oldest religion, Hinduism amongst it’s followers, the hindus.

Islam, on the other hand was founded in Arabia in the 7th Century. It is an organized religion with defined tenets or a rule book and a prophet, whom they consider to be the messenger of God on earth and their holy men, whose words they follow as gospel truth. Being an organized religion with a defined set of rules, they happen to display exemplary unity, forming a brotherhood of with matters pertaining to their religion. Islam arrived in India in the 7th century CE itself, with the conquest of Sind by Muhammed Bin Qasim and with some Arab traders settling down in the coastal areas of Gujarat .

The series of Islamic invasions began from the 11th century commencing with Mahmud of Ghazni, followed by Muhammaed Ghori and Bakhtiyar Khilji – the invasions continued unabated , culminating in Mughal rule , the last Islamic rulers of India. The Islamic invasion of India is characterized by incessant looting and plunder of Hindu temples, genocide of the original inhabitants of the invaded territory or their forcible conversion to Islam. The basic idea was to erase all remnants of India’s rich cultural heritage and establish the culture and tradition of the invaders, thus changing not only the demographics but also the cultural ethos of our nation.
While the Islamic invaders still had a stronghold over India, the Europeans too, started pouring in here. The Portuguese were the first to arrive in the late 15th Century, when Vasco Da Gama landed in India , discovering a new sea route to India. They were followed by the Dutch, the British, the Danes and finally the French. Out of all the European colonizers, the British had the maximum influence over India and ruled our nation for a whopping 200 years. Their mission too, was akin to the Islamist invaders, to colonize India completely by changing her culture and imbibing western culture amongst the Indians. Their task was well planned and cut –out – On the one hand they created a clan of English educated brown sahibs who would always be faithful to them and on the other, they got some of their stooges to surreptitiously induce certain unwarranted and evil practices amongst the practicing Hindus so that some of the Hindus would be compelled to convert to the more ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’ religion to escape those practices.

The primary reason that the continuous invasions from the 11th century onwards could rock India was the disunity amongst the Hindu rulers, who were busy fighting each other for territorial supremacy, often seeking help from these foreign invaders to defeat their adversaries, the fellow hindu rulers. However, the might and grit of some of the gallant Hindu rulers – from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his Maratha descendants, challenging the Islamist rule, to a few of the Rajput kings, some of the southern rulers and ultimately the likes of Rani of Jhansi leading India’s First War of Independence against the British in 1857, who kept the Hindu culture alive. There was always immense strength in India’s Sanatani heritage which helped in retaining one of the world’s oldest civilizations in it’s original form and shape, while it’s contemporary civilizations and even the later ones fizzled away.

While the Europeans remained as rank outsiders even while they were ruling India, the Islamist invaders , somehow, blended with the original population here and were soon considered to be part of the original inhabitants on the subcontinent. Their easy blending may have been with the intention of effecting Gazwa-e-Hind or establishing their absolute supremacy over the land they captured. They were resisted in their mission by some of the brave hindu rulers like Shivaji Maharaj as mentioned above but with the European invasion and a dwindling Mughal might, their Gazwa dream came to an abrupt halt.

Though the Sanatani ideology of welcoming all and imbibing the best of all faiths to make Hinduism emerge ven stronger and even more refined, something which was preached by Thakur Ramkrishna Paramhansa too, some free and friendly mixing between the followers of the two faiths were observed, especially during the British colonial rule, which was resisted by both together. However, there was little love lost between the two communities, as was evident from the looting, plunder, torture and massacre of the hindus during the Islamic rule, and the same was utilized well by the British to divide and rule, thus casting a spanner on India’s freedom movement, when they called for the Partition of Bengal in 1905. Though the said partition was reversed in 1911, the British were successful in poisoning the minds of the Muslim populace that the partition would benefit them. Since then the animosity between the communities kept growing in leaps and bounds resulting in the Khilafat movement on 1919, with the Indian Muslims taking recourse to aggressive protest on Indian soil to display their allegiance to the caliph of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, whom they considered as their only political authority, thus providing precedence to their religious identity ahead of the national one. As the difference started growing, the demand for a separate nation arose and gained momentum under an ex Congressman and Indian Muslim League leader, Muhammed Ali Jinnah. This culminated in the partition of India on religious grounds leading to the emergence of Hindu majority India and Muslim majority Pakistan. The partition itself saw enough bloodshed and bitterness between the two communities, though the total exchange of population never took place. The saga of deceit by the powers that be began when Pakistan became an Islamic Republic by adopting their constitution in 1956. The untold misery of the hindus on the other side of the border kept increasing with that and their numbers kept on dwindling.

India, however, remained a secular nation with the term ‘secularism’ formally adopted in the 42nd amendment of the Indian constitution in 1976, when a state of Emergency was clamped on the nation by the Indira Gandhi led Congress regime. Thus, while the religious minorities kept on enjoying all the privileges as the majority in India and even more in form of appeasement by the various political parties, those in Pakistan, primarily the hindus continued to be persecuted. The second largest minority population in India also grew in leaps and bounds , reaching such a figure that they can hardly be classified as a minority any further.

While the two nations India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads, going into war on four occasions, with India winning all of those wars, the two major religious communities in India too clashed on many occasions , with help and incitement drawn from across the border, with Pakistan sponsored terrorists being pushed into India to destabilize our nation. The major incidents of internal battles between the two communities, on either side of the border, commencing even before 1947 were :

The Great Calcutta Killings of August, 1946 engineered by the then Prime Minister of Bengal, Hussein Saheyd Suhrawardy, with the intention of ethnically cleanse Calcutta of the hindus to facilitate its smooth incorporation into Pakistan. His plan was foiled by Gopal Chandra Mukherjee or Gopal Pantha, who with his group of young hindu men took the battle to the home of the Islamist marauders, killing them en masse, till such time that the carnage was brought to a halt by Suhrawardy.
The Noakhali Hindu Genocide of October 1946, where the Hindus of East Bengal were mercilessly butchered by a religious leader, Pirzada Gholam Sarwar and his associate , Kasem, women were gang raped and converted till the hindus were forced to flee and take refuge in West Bengal and other parts of India.
Massacre of the Hindus of East Pakistan in February- March, 1950.
The continuous killing of Bengali speaking Hindus, which coincided with the ‘Mukti Juddho’ or ‘War for freedom’ of East Pakistan, commencing from 1952 to 1961, till Bangladesh was liberated.
The Golaghat massacre of the Marwari community by the Urdu speaking population of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army.
The Kashmiri Hindu Genocide of 1990– One of the most talked about and most gory tales of exterminating a race from the place of it’s origin, the Islamist population of Kashmir gave the Hindus there, known as Pandits three choices – Leave, convert or die. Since then, the Kashmiri pandits, rendered homeless have been living as refugees in various parts of the country.
Mumbai riots of 1993 – The Islamists of Mumbai, buoyed up by the infamous Dawood Ibrahim led underworld went on a hindu killing spree to avenge the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya by the constituents of the Sangh Parivar. The serial blasts that rocked Mumbai that year took the lives of more than 250 people and injuring more than a thousand.
Gujarat riots of 2002, which followed the barbaric killing of several Hindus including women and children aboard the Sabarmati Express at Godhra, wherein they were burnt alive in the train compartment while they were on their way back after performing Kar Seva at Ayodhya. The riots that ensued resulted in loss of lives of members of both communities but in a bizarre turn of events the Hindus were demonized, with the Muslim community made to appear as victims by an interest group which saw the current Prime Minister and Home Minister of India, Narendra Modi & Amit Shah taken to task by the ruling regime of the nation between 2004-14,the Congress led UPA, but they emerged unscathed.
The 2020 Delhi Anti Hindu riots which again was planned and targeted attack on the hindus of Delhi, in order to paint India in poor light in the eyes of the visiting American President, Donald Trump. In the instant case too, the Muslim community was made to appear as victims, while the hindus were being butchered.
The West Bengal Post Poll Violence of May, 2021 in which, in the garb of political violence, members of the Hindu community of West Bengal, who were primarily BJP karyakartas, were attacked, rendered homeless, mercilessly killed, their businesses were stopped, women were gangraped in front of their family members, allegedly by members of the ruling dispensation of Bengal, the TMC. The case is currently being handled by the CBI and several arrests have already been made.
The massacre of Hindus of Bangladesh in October, 2021, during Durga Puja when a fanatic radical Islamist crowd, on the basis of a rumour that their holy book has been desecrated, went on a killing and idol breaking spree, taking the lives of several innocent hindus including a devotee abd a seer of ISKCON and Ramakrishna Mission. A 10 year old and her aunt were gangraped as a result of which the former died.
A pattern that emerged from a study of the aftermath and reaction to the above incidents is that the older incidents upto the Kashmiri Hindu genocide of 1990, were hushed up so that most were unaware of these pogroms and in case of the latter events, the religious minority was always projected as a victim, thus, demonizing the Hindu community. Aa far as the last two incidents are concerned, the occurrence of the same were either denied or they were justified by the intellectually enlightened elite of Bengal as acts to avenge the ‘persecution’ of the minority by the majority community, even when they must also be aware that no such persecution occurred.
A similar trend is observed with the following incidents of macabre killing of hindus by members of the minority community :
Harsha, a 26 year old Bajrang activist and a tailor by profession stabbed to death on 20th February, in Shivamoga, Karnataka, because he had protested against the sporting of hijab in educational institutions. But shortly after his killing, ‘Save Shivamoga Muslims’ started trending on twitter – a curious case of the oppressor playing the victim. Except for the hindu nationalists and the Sangh Parivar, no one protested his killing.
Rupesh Pandey, a 17 year old boy, part of a Saraswati Visarjan procession was murdered in the midst of a heated argument when several members of a Muslim community protested against the procession passing through their area. The incident occurred on 6th February in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.
5 brothers in a family of Bangladeshi hindus were killed in Cox Bazar, Chittagong on February 8, because they wished to build a temple in their home. The 5 brothers, Dr. Anupam Sushil, Nirupam Sushil, Dipak Sushil, Champak Sushil and Swaran Sushil were run over by a speeding pick-up van, in what appeared to be a planned killing.
Dileep Malagimane, a store owner in Malebennur town of Karnataka was stabbed to death on February 9 for his anti hijab posts on social media.
Kishan Bharwad, a 27 year old man was shot dead on 25th January by two armed bikers in Surat, Gujarat, because he had allegedly committed blasphemy.
Hiralal Gujarati from Delhi was stabbed to death by Irfan Siddiqui, an AAP worker on January, 24. Siddiqui had, earlier raped his sister.
A muslim mob went on a rampage in Amaravati in Maharashtra, in November, 2021, attacking Hindus and destroying their property because they were told that violence was meted out to the Muslims in Tripura.
Rinku Sharma, a 25 year old Vishwa Hindu Parishad activist was brutally murdered in February, 2021 in New Delhi for chanting ‘Jai Sri Ram’. The killers, who were known to him had targeted him because they were aware of his hindu activism.
Rahul, a 32 year old Delhi man was beaten to death in August, 2020, for an alleged mobile phone theft.

All of these incidents occurred in a span of one and a half years along with several other similar incidents which went unreported. Besides, the names of Ankit Sharma, Rattan Lal, Dilbar Negi, Chandan Gupta, Ankit Saxena, Dr. Pankaj Narang, Bandhu Prokash Pal and family, P. Sanjith, Trilochon Mahato, Saikat Bhowal, Rajesh Sarkar, Tapas Barman and of course, the Palghar sadhus will keep haunting us as they represent a whole lot of hapless hindus, who were mercilessly killed in their own land, their faith being the primary reason for their killing.
To understand this sordid saga of the hindus, one needs to go back in time and understand how and why this happened. The British, horribly shaken by India’s first war of independence in 1857, which they wished to downplay as a mere mutiny, helped form the Congress in 1885 to act as a safety valve between them and the Indians to resist any further wars of independence of the magnitude of the 1857 war. The Congress, one of whose co founders was an Englishman, A. O. Hume with two Scottish gentlemen, William Wedderburn and Sir John Jardine, being part of the founding group, was involved in negotiating with the British to obtain mere concessions from them for the Indians, they were not in sink with the idea of complete freedom from British rule. Hence they had difference of opinion with those who advocated complete freedom from British colonial rulem Such rifts would turn bitter, as we saw in the case of the liberator of our nation, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, who was compelled yo leave the Congress because of this.
None can name a single Congressman who laid down his life for India’s freedom or served a rigorous prison term as did Veer Vinayak Savarkar. When the British left India jittery due to the exploits of Netaji’s INA, they handed over the reigns of power to the Nehru-led Congress, which covertly kept on serving their foreign masters. With an ever increasing population leading to too many mouths to feed, India remained only as a developing nation even with a rich reserve of human and natural resources. This vast population was an ideal market for the foreign conglomerate of corporates and often served as a dumping ground for their lesser quality products.

With India, increasingly dependent on foreign imports, these nations could easily think of arm twisting our government back then. At the same time, our nation became the hub of poverty tourism for the foreign nationals, with the foreign media being always on the lookout for tales of poverty and misery from this part of the world to up their TRPs, something which they do even today. Any attempt at self reliance and scientific development was met with resistance. We are all aware of the mysterious death of ISRO scientists. The father of India’s atomic energy programme, Dr. Homi J. Bhava too, died under mysterious circumstances. Since the Congress had the good fortune of starting from scratch, they could have taken India to amazing heights of excellence, which they willfully blew up.
Parallely, they created a cabal of leftist liberal historians, who, maliciously omitted those sections of our history which spoke of the gallantry of hindu rulers. On the other hand, our invaders, particularly the Islamists were glorified as brave, creative and benevolent while the hindus were projected as either weak or villainous – the only good hindus were the ones who submitted to the might of the Islamists. Such a wrong depiction of our past immensely helped in brainwashing a huge chunk of the hindu populace who are absolutely apologetic of their religious identity and consider the other faiths to be more progressive and acceptable, thus creating a category of individuals amongst the Hindus, who are called ‘liberals’ as per social media parlance and immensely help in propagating the anti hindu narrative, which often spills over to be an anti India narrative.
With the growth in exclusively Muslim organizations like the Muslim league in 1906 and their penchant towards creating an exclusively Muslim identity, which gained precedence over the national identity, as was evident during the Khilafat movement, Hindu organizations too started growing as an answer to the above. The Hindu Mahasabha was formed in 1915, with Veer Savarkar as one of the founders.

In 1925, Dr. K. B. Hegdewar left the Mahasabha to form the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, a non political hindu voluntary organization which started gaining in popularity amongst the hindus. Such instances of hindu uprising and consolidation did not augur well with the Congress, who got the leftist historian cabal to villify these hindu organizations. A narrative was mischievously propagated that RSS never took part in India’s freedom movement and that they were British agents. They maligned Veer Savarkar on similar lines, quoting his mercy petitions as signs of his kowtowing to the British. The Congress-Left cabal have also branded the Sangh Parivar as Gandhi’s killers because of Nathuram Godse’s earlier association with the Hindu Mahasabha and the RSS, despite the fact that he had left these organizations when he killed Gandhi. However, the truth was that the RSS never believed in Congress’s secularism or their methodology of gaining independence by negotiating with the British rather than go for the kill. In reality, it was the Congress who were the actual British stooges, given their allegiance to the crown which remained years after India became independent. It goes without saying that Congress sponsored leftist cabal’s rampant vilification of the Hindu ideologues and the Hindu outfits was again with the intention of making the hindu feel ashamed of their religious identity so that they never think of going back to their roots. These band of brainwashed liberals still chant the Congress narrative without questioning the same.

When the Narendra Modi led nationalist government ascended to power at the Centre in 2014, they aimed at self reliance making the maximum use of India’s existing resources. India embarked on a path of atmanirbharata or self reliance with it’s Make in India achieving tremendous success. India now exports most of the goods which it earlier used to import. The fact that India manufactured it’s own Covid vaccines and even imported them to many foreign nations took many by surprise. This was not what the doctor ordered for the Pharma lobby who was anticipating a huge profit margin by selling their vaccines at a high price to a huge Indian populace. In fact, India has already vaccinated 80% of it’s adult population. India is also predicted to be the world’s fastest growing economy.

India’s Yoga and Ayurved are gaining a huge mileage on foreign shores. Indian brands are making a mark for themselves. A resurgent and confident India gives back any kind of interference in her internal matters and doesnot give in to arm twisting. India has emerged as a major challenger to China, something which was unthinkable many years earlier. All of this could be achieved because of India reclaiming it’s erased and lost history and going back to it’s roots of ancient Sanatani culture and practices. Hence, this Sanatani culture is a target for the enemies of our nation, the Conglomeration of Corporates led by George Soros, in cahoots with India’s primary adversary, China and also Pakistan out of sheer jealousy and spite as also insecurity.
The best way to scare away the hindus and to make them desist from activism is to mindlessly attack and kill them. After the kill, their killers would be painted as the oppressed victims, who would receive all the support from the liberal community and the media, which is part of their cabal. This would in turn encourage the tormentors to carry out more such acts of brutality because they know that it is they who will get all the sympathy and support and not their killers. They also are more united and can pour in on their victims in large numbers. This way they can terrorize the hindus to leave their home and hearth behind, which they will occupy, the way they did in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh ) and Kashmir, which will help fulfill their dream of the Gazwa. They are also aware that they will receive support, monetary and otherwise from the conglomerate of corporates, whose aim is to finish off the hindus, if not physically, then from the minds of the hindus so that they can easily dominate over Indian markets using the said minorities either as their weapon or their shield.

As was mentioned above that the minorities have a strong unity, their brotherhood bound by a rule book and definite religious leaders to guide them. That makes them extremely touchy about their religious identity. The Hindus lack both of these and hence are not united. But, it goes without saying that, at rhe moment, there is no option but to forge a strong hindu unity if the community wishes to survive and retain it’s religious identity which did not become extinct despite being under continuous attack from invaders and terrorists. A hindu ecosystem is the need of the hour, which sheds all ego and overcomes all barriers of difference in caste, creed, language and financial status and where the more endowed pulls up the less endowed, because, as Swami Vivekananda said that ‘One can’t practice Dharma with an empty stomach’ and ensure that no hindu goes with an empty stomach, making him/her an easy target for their enemies to buy them up and use against them. It is only by creating such a strong ecosystem that the hindu can not only survive the jehadi onslaught but also retaliate effectively.


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