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Why hate crimes against Hindus are rising in India???


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We live in India, which is also known as ‘Hindustan’, the land of ‘Hindus’, which has thousands of years of thriving history and civilization. It is the only nation in the world that truly believes in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, which means the entire World is indeed a family. Hindus were the first to welcome the people from other nations and they amalgamated the people from other religions and factions together and created a wonderful family.

However, in the last couple of centuries, this has been changed completely. Now the Hindus themselves are not safe and secure in their own land, No we are not fanning a hatred here, we are merely presenting some facts in this article.

There have been many incidents of religious angle against Hindus by Muslims and Missionaries have been reported in various parts of the country, which includes mob lynching, murders, rapes, desecration of Holy places, and vandalization of properties. This shows that other religious factions have become intolerant and violent against Hindus.

Here are few prominent anti hindu incidents reported in recent times.

  • On 9th October, a Hindu Woman Kavitha in Telangana thrashed by her Christian neighbors while performing puja at home in Hyderabad.
  • Neeraj Prajapati of Lohardaga was killed only for his participation in a rally in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act on January 23.
  • On 11th August this year, a violent clash took place in Bangalore, where Muslims destroyed public property worth several Crores due to provocation by an inflammatory Facebook post on prophet Muhammad that was allegedly shared by the nephew of the Congress MLA.
  • Ankit Sharma was killed on February 1, 2018, in front of the public by the family of his Muslim girlfriend in Tagore Garden, Delhi.
  • In 2016, Doctor Pankaj Narang was killed in Vikaspuri, Delhi. He forbade some Muslim boys from rash driving and the result was his brutal death.
  • In Kasganj UP, a Hindu boy, Chandan Gupta was murdered only because he had joined a procession being taken out for hoisting the tricolor on Republic Day – January 26. He was raising the slogan of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” during the Tiranga procession.
  • A Hindu Dalit leader Arun Kumar was lynched in Agra by Muslims named Shah Rukh, Raja, Imtiaz, Abid, and Dilshad.
  • Countless Hindu families in Mewat have been forced to leave and migrate from their homes, just because Muslims are in majority.
  • In the Delhi riots of Feb 2020, many Hindus were brutally killed and their properties were destroyed.

People usually say that this is so common to have such religious animosity and such incidents are bound to happen. However, this is just the half-truth, in reality, there are a couple of reasons, which have triggered this sudden spike of crimes against Hindus, and we will try to explain those reasons in this article.

Pro Hindu Government – It is once said that after almost 1000 years, finally, a Hindu is ruling India, though this could be considered as an exaggeration, this is indeed a truth. After almost 1000 years of tyranny by Mughals, Islamic invaders, British, Dutch, and French invaders, and their proxies even after India attained independence, in 2014, India finally saw a Hindu PM in an absolute majority.

This is unbearable for a certain section of society, which has assumed that ruling this Nation is their birthright, hence they are not happy, they are anguished and they always try to falter this government by any possible means.

Abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A – This was a strategic anomaly infused in our political system by our successive governments. Article 370 and 35 A were considered as ‘Untouchable’. Congress and Secular political parties used to threaten the BJP to remove these articles, and the Nation would boil and turn into ashes.

Even the staunchest supporter of BJP and PM Modi was not sure if this government will ever be able to remove these Articles and restore the sanctity of Jammu and Kashmir. However, Modi and Shah did something unimaginable, and right in the first Parliamentary session after assuming he power, they declared these Articles null and void, and surprisingly they received the mandate of both the houses as well.

However this didn’t go down well with a certain section of the society and they treated it as an attack over Islam, and they vowed to teach a lesson to Modi and Shah, or I would say Hindus.

Removal of Triple Talaq – This was an extremely sensitive issue, as this was considered as a deliberate attempt to made an encroachment in Islamic practices. However, the fact is, this evil practice is not a part of Islam and it has been disbanded in many prominent Islamic nations, including Pakistan. Though the Modi government took a very cautious approach, they took the legal and constitutional route and made this evil practice end.

Again, as expected, this also didn’t go down well with certain people, they saw this as an attempt to meddle with Islam and the religious practices, and they have started conspiring with the anti-national elements like PFI, NGO’s, Missionaries, and Bhim Army to create unrest across the nation.

Removal of Haj subsidy – This was considered as a religious abuse. Subsidy on haj was anti-Islamic, still, but to garner the votes and to appease Muslims, our successive governments were keeping this evil practice in place. Even the prominent Muslim bodies used to dare the governments to touch the haj subsidy and they would burn the Nation, however, the Modi government abolished this practice, and nobody was able to harm the nation.

The government’s control over Madarsa – Modi government also initiated the process of modernization of Madarsa and started controlling their finances to check their fund flow and activities. This was again seen as a step to challenge the secularism and Islamic practices in India, it was considered as meddling into Islamic affairs, however, Modi Government didn’t give a damn to any such accusations and threats ever.

Citizen Amendment Act – This was not a new act, the actual act was enacted by Nehru Government, Modi only amended it with few additional provisions, but it was seen as a draconian act which may alienate the Muslims in India, and may cancel their citizenship. Modi Government was able to garner the required support in both the houses of parliament and this bill was passed like a breeze.

This again seen as an attempt to challenge the might of the Secular-Liberal cabal, which initiated a nefarious campaign to defame the government, they orchestrated riots in different parts of India, they tried to influence the international media and renowned personalities to speak against India and Modi Government.

It was propagated that CAA is a watershed moment and it will make it impossible for Muslims to live in India, however, this turns out to be a misleading campaign to provoke the Muslims up to an extent where a civil was could be a possibility.

Ram Mandir Case – This was a 500 years old case, which has seen countless clashes between Hindus and Muslims, and hundreds of lives were lost. This Nation has Hindus in the majority, still, Hindus were reposing their faith in the judicial system and waiting with bated breath. The moment arrived and it was observed that Hindus didn’t even celebrate this colossal development, just to keep calm and diffuse the tensions.

However, a message was sent across as if no justice could be delivered to Muslims in this nation. This was seen as an event that decimated the Muslims and Pseudo Secular supremacy in India. A certain section of society was demoralized, anguished, and want revenge at any cost.

Government’s crackdown on Missionaries and NGO’s funding – This is one of the biggest reasons behind the recent hatred campaign against Hindus. This entire Anti India-Anti Hindu ecosystem nurtured on foreign and hawala funding. Everything needs money, a simple protest, or large scale riots, everything needs coordinated funding because money acts as an immediate motivational factor for people involved.

Modi Government, right from the first tenure, was taking appropriate actions to curb the findings of foreign NGOs, religious organizations, Conversion Mafia. Large organizations like Greenpeace, Amnesty, Ford Foundation have seen the massive thrashing by the Modi government and hence they either left India or stopped their operations here. Indian Government also stopped the funding from Arabian countries up to great extent. Hence the Missionaries and Islamists are after the Modi Government.

In our opinion, the above reasons were the trigger of a newfound hatred against Hindus, as the Secular-Liberal-Islamic-Missionary cabal has realized that they can’t do anything using the democratic setup, hence they are venting out their frustration and doing anything possible to hurt the Hindus and give a strategic messaging that ‘even though they are not in power, they can still hurt the Hindus and make them pay for what their democratic government is doing’.

This trend is indeed worrisome, and Hindus have to find a solution for that. The biggest solution is Unity, Hindus should unite to take on such anti hindu and anti national forces. Until and unless we are divided in different castes and creeds, we are bound to face the same fate in the future as well. The other important aspect is knowledge, Hindus should read more and get the knowledge of their history, their suppression and they should also read politics, strategy and other aspects, so that they can propagate the knowledge to their peers.

Above all, Hindus should be politically and strategically aware. Until and unless they possess these qualities, they will be divided amongst the caste lines and outsiders will keep ruling over them.


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