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Why do Highly Posted Muslim or Christian Bureaucrats turn Anti-Hindu and spread their own Religious Practices?


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There has been a trend in India, whoever goes to a higher position, either becomes secular, or his conduct becomes anti-Hindu. We see this practice more often in secular Hindus, but have you thought about what would happen if a non-Hindu reaches a higher position? Does their conduct make any difference? Do they act as anti-Hindu? Do they start spreading and propagating their religious beliefs and practices openly?

For some time now, if you look at the pattern, the number of Muslim candidates who have cleared the prestigious UPSC exam, has increased from 28 to 40 last year. According to the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs, the other five religious minorities have also performed better than last year. 187 candidates from minority communities have cleared the examination.

Muslim candidates performed slightly better in terms of the percentage that succeeded. Last year, Muslims accounted for about 4% of the total successful candidates, while this year it is about 5 percent. Muslim candidates have been doing well in the prestigious examinations since 2016. Earlier, Muslim candidates were only 2.5% of the total successful candidates.

Muslim candidates broke all previous records in 2016, when 50 of them passed UPSC, with 10 scoring in the top 100. In the 2017 batch too, 50 Muslims were selected through the examination.

The problem here is that just as minority candidates, who have a large number of Muslims and Christians, are going to high positions, we are getting to hear stories of their anti-Hindu conduct. In the recent past, we have seen many examples of how Muslim and Christian officers use their position to propagate their religion, while they leave no stone unturned to exploit Hindus.

In a recent incident, a senior IAS officer Mohammad Iftikharuddin was seen in viral videos attending an Islamic event of conversion. Iftikharuddin was working as the Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation. In that video, he was heard saying that it is their duty to spread Islam and convert Hindus into the Islam fold.

Another case is of Justice Kurian Joseph, who was one of the four senior Supreme Court judges who had held an unprecedented press conference to cast aspersions on the then CJI Dipak Misra since CJI was taking a personal interest in Ram Mandir case. He began issuing anti-government statements right after his retirement. He said that ex-Chief Justice Dipak Misra was “remote-controlled by an external source” that impacted the administration of justice.

Kurian Joseph practiced law & because of Kerala Congress patronage, he became govt pleader & advocate general. He was an ordinary advocate and has never passed any landmark verdicts. It was his links with dubious evangelists organizations and his anti-Hindu acts, that helped him to witness such growth.

Another such example is Indian Medical Asociation Chief Jayalal, who took advantage of his position to spread Christian missionary activities and also used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to convert medical students, doctors, and even patients to Christianity. He published numerous articles, that are defamatory to Ayurveda and Hindu religion.

He was lashed out by the Additional District Judge Ajay Goel, who passed an order against Jayalal and asked him not to use the IMAs platform to propagate any religion, and cautioned him that loose comment cannot be expected from a person chairing the responsible post.

Another instance is Justice R Banumathi, who was the first woman from the State of Tamil Nadu to be elevated to the position of a Judge in the Supreme Court. She revealed her Faith in Jesus Christ despite being born a Hindu. “Though I am a Hindu, I believe in the gospel of Jesus. By the Grace of Jesus, I got educated and came up in life,” she was quoted as saying.

She further added that “During her judicial service, there were mountains of obstacles for no reason. Yet no human hand could prevent what Jesus Christ has ordained for her in her life.”

Did you remember India’s Ex-Vice President Hamid Ansari? He once infamously said that secularism has “almost disappeared” from the Modi government’s official vocabulary. He also claimed that Muslims are insecure in India. Ansari’s tenure as a Vice President has been marked by his contempt towards Hindus, nationalism, and national interest.

He had backed the idea of setting up the Shariat courts in every district of the country, saying that each community has the right to practice its own personal law. Ansari had also displayed no shame in attending an event organized by the radical Islamist organization Popular Front of India (PFI).

You all know the infamous Islamic preacher Zakir Naik. Once on being asked by a ‘Muslim’ whether a Muslim can become a bureaucrat in a democratic country like India, he replied, “If you can follow the ‘deen‘ (religion), then, it is permissible. Else, it is not.” Don’t you think he is clearly provocating Muslims to join Administrative services to spread their Deen?

Well, these are very few examples, which show how Muslims and Christians start acting as per their religious beliefs, once they attain a commanding position in our administration or the society. We must keep a close eye on such people and ensure Hindus are aware of their evil intentions.

In our opinion, anyone who is indulged in Government or Social work should refrain from spreading their religious beliefs or other activities while attaining an important position. It is certainly a violation of their service agreement and morality.


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