What has changed from Babur and Aurangzeb, who attacked our cities to destroy our temples to their followers who burn our cities, today?

Burning Bangalore. Photo credit: News18 Kannada

Riots in Bangalore displayed a very chilling statement in the air—Muslims have complete freedom to hurt Hindu sentiments, their Gods and Goddesses, if Hindus retaliated, cities would be burnt to ashes. So what has changed from Islamic invaders destroying our temples to build mosques on them to Muslims in India today? Bestial episode started from a social media post, in which a Muslim boy shared a post calling God Krishna a rapist on the eve of Janmashtami festival. Any backlash from Hindus? No, they didn’t burn homes of perpetrators, who dared to denigrate God Krishna, but slammed the post.

P. Naveen, who is a nephew of the local Dalit Congress MLA  R Akhanda Srinivas Murthy, expressed his outrage by replying about Prophet Muhammad. In no time, they burnt police jeeps, buses and other parked vehicles in police stations DJ Halli and KG Halli areas of Bengaluru on night of 11 August. In the morning of 12 August, the eastern part of Bengaluru city had turned into ruins. The deserted roads with burnt vehicles, strewn glass pieces from broken windows, stone and bricks resemble war zone.

After offending Hindu sentiments, Muslims burnt the city since someone dared to reply them. Why did they burn the city, instead of, filing the complaints to police? Don’t they believe in law of land? What is to be highlighted they didn’t mind to attack MLA  R Akhanda Srinivas of Congress, which pampers Muslims like premature new born baby. Such barbarous and deprived display of act were perpetrated by them, when they are in minority, the so called second largest population. One can imagine what would happen if their population grow further.

Thousands years old civilisation and the land of God Ram and God Krishna was partitioned to establish Islam in Pakistan after India freed itself from clutches of Britishers in 1947, later they formed another nation to restrengthen Islam in Bangladesh. Why did our founding fathers punish us to live with such savages even after giving them a huge part of our land to establish their religion? The worst blow was hit on us when SECULARISM was added into the preamble of our constitution. Weren’t our founding fathers aware of their savage history?

Babur could have built his mosque at other place as there was no dearth of land then, instead of destroying temple of God Ram. But, the barbarian Babur made it sure to wound our glorious civilisation by demolishing of Ram Temple in 1528. Another cruel Mughal, Aurangzeb—who didn’t hesitate to kill his own brothers Dara Shikoh and Shuja Murad and imprisoned his own father Shah Jahan at Agra Fort to occupy the throne—could have built Gyanvapi mosque at a vacant land instead of destructing Kashi Vishwanath temple in 1669. But, Aurangzeb destroyed Kashi Vishwanath Temple to build Gyanvapi mosque to establish islamic supremacy at humiliation of Sanatan Dharma.

It is said that the priest of Kashi Vishwanath Temple jumped into the well with Jyotirlinga to protect it from beasts of Aurangzeb in September 1669. Such brutality used to be inflicted to those who tried to protect temples. What can be more excruciating and humiliating than when Islamic invaders used to demolish our temples butchering priests and devotees who tried to protect it! Aurangzeb also attacked Mathura city, birthplace of God Krishna to destroy Keshavdeva temple in 1670 and built Shahi Eidgah in its place.

What has changed since then? Islamic invaders burnt our cities destructed and denigrated our temples to establish their religious supremacy. Today, their followers and adherents abuse and malign Hindu Gods and Goddesses, if they are objected, they burn our cities torch our police stations. Wasn’t It a historical criminal act to add SECULSRISM in the preamble of Constitution? How can a thousand years old civilisation co exist with such race who believes in nothing but destruction?


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