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What are these Hindus? They will be crushed like insects.


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A video from Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh is going viral on social media. In this video, a Muslim youth calling himself Ayan Qureshi is calling Hindus as insects and making statements like everything will be wiped out once his government comes to power (meaning all the opposition will be wiped out, all the opponents will be wiped out, all the work done will be wiped out etc.The accused also seemed to be objecting to the decision of meat shops to be closed on Hindu festivals. Some other people from the Muslim community are also seen behind, who are supporting Ayaan Qureshi. Police have taken cognizance of the viral video and registered an FIR. Ayaan Qureshi has been taken into custody.

Living in the small Ghaziabad neighborhood of Rafiqabad, Qureshi said he owns and operates a meat market. “You keep saying Hindu-Hindu, tell me where are Hindus,” he said, using insulting slang against Hindus. It is actually a conflict between Muslims and Jews. Describe Hindus. When the time comes, they’ll be squashed like insects. Looks like he was talking about the current fight between Israel and Hamas.

Ayaan Qureshi also made objectionable statements when the government gave back mythological names to Hindu pilgrimage sites. He said, “Prayagraj’s name has been changed that way, this name has been changed. Brother, it is your government, you can keep anything. The day our government comes, everything will be wiped out (meaning all the opposition will be cleaned, all the opponents will be cleaned, all the work done will be cleaned etc.). What was before will remain the same.

Muslim girls are free to dress however they like, according to Ayaan Qureshi, who also addressed the Karnataka burqa debate. In an odd manner, Ayaan objected to meat stores closing during this time by using the names of Hindu holidays like Karva Chauth.

The vendor of chicken flesh, Ayaan Qureshi, also made fun of cow protection. He asserted that the buffalo, chicken, and cat should all be cared for in the same way as the cow is. Ayan claims that Yogi Adityanath hasn’t accomplished a single positive deed. “Islam was alive, is alive, and will remain alive,” Ayaan declared at the conclusion.


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