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What an eternal disgrace! A war hero General Shabeg Singh ended up training armed terrorists of Bhinderawale


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He conspired and fought against the very Army, which he had served for decades. He chose to serve his faith with a misguided cause, even if he had to betray his nation to his eternal disgrace.  

Here is the story of Major General Shabeg Singh, who acquired mastery of guerilla warfare from Indian Army only to use the same skill to serve the dreaded terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale as his Military Advisor and Chief Operational Planner of Golden Temple’s defenses against India Army. It was Major General Shabeg’s guerrilla warfare skills and planning of defenses, which had costed Indian Army huge number of casualties, damages and destruction during 72 hours of Operation Blue Star in June 1984, when Indian forces were left with no other option but to launch an assault on Golden Temple in Amritsar, to flush out the terrorist Bhinderanwale and his armed fellow terrorists, who had created a reign of terror in Punjab in eighties by operating from Golden temple.   

Why did Major General Shabeg Singh—once a decorated Army Officer, known for his service in training of Mukti Bahini volunteers and motivating them to fight for their land during Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971—betray his country and his Army?

Born on 23 January 1925 in a village near Amritsar, Subeg Singh, popularly known as Shabeg Singh, had been recruited to British Army in 1942 from Lahore college, where he was studying. Since then, he witnessed not only independence movement but participated in WWII, 1962 Indo-China War, 1965 Indo-Pak War and 1971 India-Pakistan war, which gave birth to Bangladesh. 

On 30 April, 1976, one day prior to his retirement Major General Shabeg Singh was dismissed from the Army on charges of irregularities and corruption. There were also other cases against him such as he got a truck in somebody else’s name and he had built a house costing Rs. 9 lacs, though he claims it was worth of only Rs. 1.75 lacs. However, Supreme Court of India acquitted him of all charges. 

As he firmly believed he was not guilty but victimized because of his religion, Major General Shabeg Singh was a changed man nursing deep sense of grievances against Army. Settled in Chandigarh around 1978-79, he was drawn to Akali politics. When he met the terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale, his resentment found a voice in him to revenge against Indian Army.   

It was Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale, who had dishonoured the Sikh faith the most. Golden temple has been a place of worship, tranquility, harmony, mercy and service to humanity. Though Islamic invaders did attack Golden Temple, no Sikh ever dared to desecrate Golden temple the way Bhinderawale disgraced spiritual site of Sikhism. 

How can a Sikh occupy Golden Temple to establish his world of crime? But he did. A mass murderer Bhinderawalen, who was not bound by ethics and moraliy, turned the Golden Temple complex into a place of torture and mass murder with spilling blood a frequent incident. Any Sikh, who criticized Bhindrawalen, was brutally eliminated. He not only stockpiled weapons inside the Sikh holy shrine, but housed his arm gangs at upper floor of Akal Takht. For any Sikh to stand above the Guru Granth Sahib was an act of absolute disregard. When 80 years old Giani Pratap Singh, a former Jathedar of the Akal Takht objected Bhinderawalen for occupying Akal Takht, he was killed in cold blood. Others were too silenced.

However, Major General Shabeg Singh chose to personally train each one of armed terrorists of Bhindranwale for guerilla warfare and also, supervised the Sikh defenses at the Harmandir Sahib. Shabeg Singh was not unwise to think he would win. But, his aim was to cause as much casualties as he could have done to armies. And he succeeded. 

When more than 70,000 troops had been called to Punjab with tanks, army was under impression that arm gangs holed up in Golden Temple would not fight, and if they did, they would be broken in couple of hours. One of the generals pointed at black commandos, who were briefed, had said, “Have you seen these bhoots (devils) of mine? The terrorists would surrender with their tails between their legs. When first assault was counter attacked, the army realized how arm gangs of Bhindranwale were trained by Mukti Bahini hero Major General Shahbeg Singh. 

According to official figure 83 army men were martyred, while number of civilian deaths was 492 due to presence of Major General Shahbeg Singh. His dead body was found with his boots on after the operation Blue Star was over on 6 June 1984. 

Even if Major General Shabeg Singh believed he was wronged by Army, does it justify him to wage a war against Republic of India? Wasn’t he served justice by another institution, Supreme Court on 13 February 1984, if he assumed the institution of Army was unjust towards him? What would be outcome if every citizen, ill treated by system, turns traitor and begin bleeding India? Terrorism and treason by Major General Shahbeg to wage the war against the nation can never be justified. 



  1. Dont just cover one side of the story, general wasn’t a kid to not identify which paty he is choosing… Read about all the incidents that happened with sikhs back in 80’s where people were imprisoned just on suspicions wnd beaten to death or shot dead on wrong acquisitions… When system turns against you and if bhindrawaale was a terrorist then why did he use to give interviews openly and why did indian Government n intelligence let him commute arms inside the temple…. It was a big conspiracy which you are again not aware of… Read study n then post an article

  2. Hahaha pathetic articel…. soo many false accusations… “misguided cause” are you for real ? asking for hindu rashtar is bravery, asking for human rights is misguided cause …

  3. What bullshit how dare you call them terrorist wasn’t gobind ram singh misheif nand innocent killings looked terrorism to you … You are defending the brutality and illegal killing that made these rivals and rebels to come out …. How the hell can you justify them as terrorist of saint ji without having a single FIR or proof against him !

  4. How dare you to write this type of false news , if troop of army will attack your temple you will let them attack but bhindravala and shbeg Singh could not bear this at all because they love their religion even they had friendships with Hindus they had love with one another but you wrote shit ‘terrorist’ in reality you r terrorist who can’t write truth ,if you have dare search true things behind blue Star then write , wicked people on the earth ,if you will write false information then your life will be false one day you know what nature give a justice wheater it will be before and after long term

  5. A disgrace??? Please check how the indian government treated the Great General after 90 thousand troops surrendered to him in Bangladesh. They did not want to give the credit or respect to the General and wanted to show that the government is bigger than individual. Sikhs have always been the first ones to step up and fight against tyranny. When we fight for our rights, were labeled terrorist and yet when we sacrifice our lives for the country we still don’t get equal treatment. May Waheguru bless you with knowledge and wisdom so that you can see both sides and not just utter your biased nationalistic view as fact.

  6. Person who just asked for women and children rights are called terrorists jush read full history what he demanded from government read that documents. What was wrong in his demanded to government 🤔 first tell this to people lacks of sikhs were killed our religious places where destroyed then who is terrorists?? DESTROYER OR SAVER

  7. Pathetic article, I must say. One sided story. Do you have any idea on the injustices during emergency by Indira Gandhi?
    A senior decorated Military officer – Do you think he was naive to join Bhindrawale. The system was against him, if you can look the other side of the coin.
    Did the Government allow civilians to get out of the Golden Temple before Operation Bluestar?
    “when a big tree falls the earth shakes” – Any comments on the statement before the 84 Riots? Also, his role in Bhopal gas tragedy and the “Mohd. Ahmed Khan v. Shah Bano Begum” case.

  8. This article shows the level of DUMBNESS of the author Manisha Inamdar false aquisitions to attract readers instead of using mind and energy to find out what actually happened, Dumb Move!

  9. The best thing about General Sabegh Singh is that he was responsible for a minimum of 700 dead indian soldiers in 24 hours! Read up Rajiv Gandhi admitted on September 12, 1984 that 700 Indian soldiers died at the hands of Singh when the White Paper cited a number in the 80’s.

    Thank you for your service.



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