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Viral Video: An Aligarh Muslim boy EXPOSES the EVIL and HATRED taught by Islamic Madarsa

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For many centuries, it has been propagated that Islamic madrasas are the fountainheads of love and peace, and these are entities that embodied and spread the values of the Holy Qur’an. However, this perception has been changing in recent decades, especially since the start of the 20th century.

There is a growing trend and we have witnessed various pieces of evidence, where it has been observed that madrasas are teaching the theo-Fascist teachings of Islam. Madarsas are preaching Wahabism, a Saudi-sponsored cult of extremist Islam linked to global terror, along with hatred towards the other section of society.

It is shocking to see that there is a growing consensus among Muslims that Islam and modern science are incompatible, the modern democratic ethos are superseded by Islamic principles. Madarsas are brainwashing the Muslims in such a way that they are unable to put rationale and critical thinking for their living.

The unfortunate truth is that a common Muslim follows the ancient and evil teaching of Islam, and if you provoke them, they are going to utter the uncomfortable truth. The same happened with a Muslim boy of Aligarh, who inadvertently exposed the teaching of Islam.

In a viral video, a Muslim boy has been seen uttering all sorts of garbage he has learned in a Madarsa, where a maulvi brainwashed the mind of youths like him, influenced them to spread hatred against other sections of the society.

Video Credit – KrunalBarot

The video shows how this boy is thinking about Muslims domination in our society. He is asking a Hindu to get converted so that Muslims can offer them protection.

He is also aware of demographic jihad, where he is referring to the population of Aligarh and claiming that in 10 years Muslims will be in dominating position, and they will be calling the shots. He gave an example of an area of Aligarh, where Muslims were in minority, but now they have become the majority and dominating the nearby areas as well.

Well, the only solution to these issues is a strict ban on the Madarsa and such evil Maulvis, who are spreading hatred against Hindus and other sections of society. This mindset of so-called Muslim domination must be abolished immediately, and this Wahabism aided education should be stopped to prevent such brainwashing of Muslim youth.

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