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Thousands again adopted Hinduism, became Christian out of greed.


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In recent times, India has been experiencing a transformative phase, one that echoes its historic past while forging a path towards a promising future. As the nation strides forward, a resurgence of cultural pride and economic prosperity is ushering in a new era – an era where the chains of mental servitude are being shattered, and the essence of India’s rich heritage is being revitalized.

The government has attacked the foreign funding with the help of which the network of Islamic and Christian conversions was spread. It is not that the fanatics have stopped converting, but now people are less trapped in the greed of rice and medicines. Those who were trapped also now feel cheated by economic progress. When this realization occurs, they remember their real Sanatana Dharma. Let’s return home.

At the heart of this resurgence lies the collective will of the people to embrace their cultural roots and stand tall against the various challenges that sought to erode the fabric of the nation. India’s pursuit of development has been unwavering, propelled by a steadfast determination to break free from the constraints that hindered progress for decades.

Economically, the nation’s trajectory is nothing short of remarkable. India has been charting a course that rivals the pace of global economic progress. The world has taken notice of India’s ascent, acknowledging its unparalleled growth and potential. This rapid economic advancement not only signifies prosperity but also promises a better standard of living for its citizens.


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