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This Marxist girl was ‘Faking’ herself as Ayush Ministry Consultant; she insults Hindus & blames Bhagwan Ram for Rapes in India


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We have seen an unprecedented rise in Hinduphobia in recent times. The people belong to the Leftist Islamist cabal often raise their voice against anything and everything related to Hinduism these days. They specifically target Hindu festivals and Gods and do everything to denigrate the ethos of Hinduism as a whole.

The latest instance is of a ‘Marxist’ Niharika Singh aka Misha Thakur, who projects herself as a renowned public speaker and a Media consultant with the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. On the pious occasion of Diwali, she chooses to share a post on Twitter to claim that Bhagwan Ram was a ‘misogynist’, ‘timid’, and ‘patriarch’

She wrote, “Diwali is a festival when women should get reminded of the fact that Sita should have divorced Rama when he asked her to prove her purity by giving “Aghani pareeksha” the fire examination. That it is not OKAY for a man to ask any woman to BURN herself in order to be pure enough.”

Picture Credit – Niharika Singh aka Misha Thakur’s Facebook profile

When people retorted and raise objections, she came up with another crass justification of her illogical and anti-hindu post, and even blamed Bhagwan Ram for all the crimes against women in India.

Picture Credit – Niharika Singh aka Misha Thakur’s Facebook profile

This is not the first time she uttered the garbage against Hindus, even during the recent Hathras incident, she posted the below stuff to demean the Hindu Rashtra.

Picture Credit – Niharika Singh’s Tweet

She thinks she can say anything about Hindus and their Gods, however once someone confronts her, she started playing a victim card, and compares the Modi Government with the Nazi Germany and their concentration camps.

Picture Credit – Niharika Singh aka Misha Thakur’s Instagram feed

She is a leftist, hence propagating lies and propaganda is her forte. She even projects herself as a renowned speaker and a Media Consultant with Ayush Ministry.

Picture Credit – Niharika Singh aka Misha Thakur’s Facebook profile

See more details.

Picture Credit – Niharika Singh aka Misha Thakur’s Instagram profile

However, her claims have been refuted by none other than Shripad Naik, who himself is the Union Minister of State for AYUSH (independent charge) & Defence , Govt of India.

Here, we only want to have a legal action against this Marxist woman, who is not only abusing Hindus and Hindu Gods but at the same time peddling lies that she works with Ayush Ministry, to defame Modi Government. We also believe and expect a strong legal ecosystem, which can act against such anti-Hinduism and anti-National elements.


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